International Earth Law Alliance formed

A number of Global Alliance members who are legal professionals have joined the newly formed Earth Law Alliance.  The Earth Law Alliance is a network of experts from around the world with specialist knowledge of Earth Law.

Our aim is to foster the development, implementation and enforcement of Earth Law at the local, national and international level.

It is our responsibility to make these principles the foundation of the new legal system all over the world. The time has come when human laws and Earth laws must be brought together.Thomas Berry, Rights of the Earth, 2002

What is Earth law?

Earth Law has emerged from the understanding that to be a life-enhancing presence on Earth, our human community needs to adhere to the underlying natural laws that govern the interdependency of all life.

Growing awareness of the destructive impact of human activity on the natural world has led to the emergence of a new body of law which seeks to address the current imbalance and to build a body of law that is ecocentric rather than anthropocentric. Earth Law encompasses a wide range of initiatives and developments, such as the inclusion of Earth Rights in national constitutions, the Earth Charter initiative, the proposed international laws of Ecocide and Crimes Against Future Generations, the establishment of an International Court for the Environment, Restorative Justice systems and research into environmental crime.

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