African Civil Society Challenge Chatham House UK Mining Conference today

From Gaia Foundation

Nnimmo BasseyAs some of you may know, two members of the Yes to Life, No to Mining global movement – Sheila Berry and Nnimmo Bassey – will be handing in a letter at Chatham House’s Extractive Industries in Africa conference to raise the voices of communities and African Civil Society resisting the further expansion of mining.

Here is the online link to the letter Nnimmo Bassey will hand in at Chatham House’s Extractive Industries in Africa’ conference at 130pm UK time today.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to and supported this powerful letter.

Please feel free to re-post this letter on your own websites, send to your networks and share via social media (suggested tweets repeated below). If you could do that at about 1:30pm UK-time that’d be most effective! If you’re stretched for time, please follow @GaiaFoundation and @_YLNM on Twitter to see the letter hand-in in pictures and retweet them.

Many thanks and in solidarity.

Carine and Hal