10th World Wilderness Congress and Rights of Nature

WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC), is the most recent in what has become the longest-running, international, public conservation project. It is a two-three year process of collaboration between many groups, governments, experts in all fields, community representatives, businesses, scientists, artists and more. The Congress gathered in Salamanca Spain for a week long conference.

Cormac Cullinan Plenary at Wilderness Congress  Rights of Nature Panel Wilderness Conference

Global Alliance Executive Team Member Cormac Cullinan, EnAct International, was a plenary speaker for the Global Opening Conference.  Listen as Cormac, author of Wild Law: a Manifesto for Earth Justice, presents the foundations of Rights of Nature and earth jurisprudence from the perspective of our relationship with our planet.  Cormac and Linda Sheehan, Executive Director of Earth Law Center co-chaired a Rights of Nature track. Click the images above for Cormac’s plenary and the Rights of Nature track presentations.

View Linda Sheehan’s presentations on Advancing Nature’s Rights and Advancing the Rights of Whales and Dolphins: “Rewilding” the Law.