Wild Law new release April 19

Wild Law: a Manifesto for Earth Jurisprudence by Cormac CullinanWild Law, A Manifesto for Earth Justice

by Cormac Cullinan

Being released this month in the United States, the second edition of Wild Law, A Manifesto for Earth Justice.  Author, environmental attorney and international activist, Cormac Cullinan is a major voice in the growing Rights of Nature movement. 

“We are rapidly destroying our only habitat, Earth. It is becoming clear that many of the treaties, laws and policies concluded in recent years have failed to slow down, let alone halt or reverse, this process. Cormac Cullinan shows that the survival of the community of life on Earth (including humans) requires us to alter fundamentally our understanding of the nature and purpose of law and governance, rather than merely changing laws.

In describing what this new ‘Earth governance’ and ‘Earth jurisprudence’ might look like, he also gives practical guidance on how to begin moving towards it. Wild Law fuses politics, legal theory, quantum physics and ancient wisdom into a fascinating and eminently readable story. It is an inspiring and stimulating book for anyone who cares about Earth and is concerned about the direction in which the human species is moving.”

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In New York, Thursday April 21, or San Francisco, Wednesday April 27?  Don’t miss Cormac Cullinan speaking with noted colleagues about the case for Rights of Nature at both Author Book Release events.

You can also read excerpts from the first release of this powerfully influential manifesto for Earth Justice from Orion Magazine.