Evolving Earth Law and Voices for the Earth Workshops

Findhorn, Scotland – 24 – 26 May  2013

For our Europe colleagues especially, the International Centre for Wholistic Law, based in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland announces inaugural events taking place on Fri/Sat 24/25 and Sun 26 May 2013:

Evolving Earth Law: Co-creating a New Legal Paradigm

Wholistic law approaches law-making, legal practice and dispute resolution from a paradigm of healing, restoration and reparation, in alignment with the natural universal principles that govern the inter-existence of all life.

In this two-day workshop we will use tools derived from whole-systems enquiry to explore our legal paradigm, which is based on an outdated worldview that is no longer meeting humanity’s needs. Is there potential for a more life-affirming approach to law – in service to the whole Earth community – and how can we facilitate its emergence?

We are at a time of rapid change and immense potential. Our legal system is a reflection of our collective consciousness – as our consciousness evolves so will our systems. Drawing on recent innovations in systemic constellation work, deep-systems healing and dialogue processes, we will get to the heart of the dynamics and inner structures that keep our legal system entrenched in its current paradigm. We will transform deeply held patterns, beliefs and assumptions that prevent us from experiencing our full potential, enabling the co-creation of a new legal paradigm.

This work can stimulate radical innovation capacity and inner-leadership potential, empowering each of us to be the change that we wish to see in our respective environments.

Whether you are a legal professional or not, if you are interested in the potential for change in our justice system, please join us for this innovative event.

Voices for the Earth: A Workshop in Community Eco-stewardship

Everywhere eco-systems are being damaged by extractive industries, toxic waste dumping, inappropriate building work and careless manufacturing.

Thoughtful communities are taking action and stepping forward to be stewards of their eco-systems. How could they be more effective at communicating? What tools are at their disposal to strengthen their voice and their case? What might they learn from each other?

Growing out of the movement for an international law of Ecocide initiated by Polly Higgins, the Voices for the Earth workshop is a new offering designed to help local communities take effective and skillful action.
We show how a local community can frame its own narrative for self-empowerment through asset mapping, Environmental Impact reporting and the Community Bills of Rights gaining ground in the U.S. Role-play and effective listening and communicating processes will be used, to examine an issue from different perspectives and work towards shared values.

Voices for the Earth follows on from the two day Evolving Earth Law workshop, which is taking place in Findhorn on 24th and 25th May. Although both workshops can be attended as stand-alone events, participants will gain maximum benefit by attending all three days.

Although both workshops can be attended as stand-alone events, participants will gain maximum benefit by attending all three days. To reserve your place please e-mail or call 0845 053 7625. An early bird discount of £30 is applicable for reservations received before 17 April.

For information on how to get to Findhorn and bed and breakfast accommodation within The Park (the location of the Findhorn Foundation Community) please see and respectively.