Ganga’s Rights are our Rights!

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The Ganga river (known to many outside India as the Ganges River) supports some 500 million people — more than the populations of the United States, Russia and Australia combined.  This most sacred river to the Hindus is dying.  Every day, over 3 billion litres of pollution, mostly toxic chemicals and untreated sewage, enters the Ganga, putting countless lives at stake. Elsewhere, the Ganga is diverted to the point that it disappears for stretches that can exceed 20 kilometers. As the river disappears, so does the ecosystem, which includes endangered species such as the beautiful Ganges River Dolphin.

The Ganga Action Parivar has declared Gangas Rights are our Rights!   In this race against time, National Ganga Rights Movement is asking for your help in demonstrating global support for the Rights of the Ganga River.

Sign petition to support the Ganga's Rights

Sign petition to support the Ganga’s Rights

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The National Ganga Rights Act is proposed with the purposes of establishing, securing, and defending the inalienable and inherent rights of the Ganga River, its tributaries, and watershed, and the rights of the people of India to a healthy, thriving river basin.  Further, the Act establishes the rights of the people of India and their governments to defend and enforce the rights of the Ganga.

More specifically the Ganga Rights Act would:

  • Establish the Ganga’s right to exist, thrive, regenerate, and evolve;
  • Empower individuals, groups, and governments within India to protect and defend the Ganga’s rights in the court of law;
  • Affirm the rights of people, plants, fish and animals to a healthy Ganga;
  • Provide that any activity that interferes with the Ganga’s rights will be prohibited;
  • Provide that any damages that may be awarded for violations of the Ganga’s rights will be used to restore its ecosystem to its pre-damaged state;
  • Institute enforcement mechanisms to protect and defend the Ganga’s rights, including establishing governmental offices responsible for defending those rights.

Founding Global Alliance member Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) has partnered with  Ganga Action Parivar to draft the National Ganga River Rights Act. We invite you to support the peoples of India and the Ganga River by signing the petition.