Come, Pray at the Churches of the Earth

Sugar pineEarth’s Churches are all around the entire world.
I Promise they are more beautiful and intricate than anything man could ever hope to create.
They have no walls or boundaries and welcome those of any faith, without prejudice, without judgement.
Look up whilst standing in any of these churches and you shall have light shine down upon you, then you will know.
This is right, this is comforting, this is home, this is where you belong. Love thy Earth and Earth shall provide for you forever.
So I say unto thee, step outside your man built boundaries, step outside and embrace the Earth, Mother nature and the universe for all they are.
Accept This trio into your hearts and you SHALL be saved, I say unto thee spread the word, for the Earth is real and before us. The Earth answers your prayers.
As all things come from the Earth, not from the heavens but from right beneath our feet. The Earth shows no prejudice against faith, sexuality or race, nor does she hate.

The Earth has the power and the means to heal the sick but also can taketh thou life away. Do not fear the Earth, rather respect the Earth and nurture, for Earth IS the one and the only and is as real as you and I.

Little Clipper CreekLove thy Earth for the Earth feeds you, Love thy Earth for the Earth clothes you, Love thy Earth, for the Earth shelters you, Love thy Earth for Earth has given you all, what have you given unto the Earth?

Join us in a movement to help the world break free from the chains put on their minds and souls through religion, Free yourself from selfishness and open your hearts and minds to a new love and a new devotion.

You do Not need to even go far. the Earth’s churches are located within walking distance. So I ask thee, step outside into nature, into the forests, take it all in and thank the Earth for ALL it has given you. I ask thee to accept thy Earth into thy heart.

Hallelujah praise the Earth!