Blue October

Blue October - Octubre AzulBlue October is an international month of action to celebrate the Rights of Water, challenge corporate-led commodification of nature’s most precious resource and call for the protection of natural cycles of lakes, rivers, and aquifers against harmful human activity.

The corporate takeover of water is creating inequality and environmental destruction. One in six people lack access to safe drinking water and two in five lack access to adequate sanitation, while billions of tons of sewage, garbage and industrial waste are dumped into lakes, rivers and oceans each year.

Fighting for the right to water must go hand in hand with fighting for the rights of water and the natural world. Rather than treating water as a resource for our convenience and profit, we must start seeing it as the essential element in an ecosystem that gives us all life.

It is this change that the Blue October campaign fights for. Participants in 45 countries have held rallies, film and arts festivals, started new movements, proposed legislation on sustainability and passed municipal ordinances against hydraulic fracturing, groundwater extraction, toxic sludge spreading and other large scale industrial projects.

Like the broader water justice movement it celebrates, the Blue October campaign continues to grow each year. For more information visit: