Don’t Kill Africa rings out from Durban

In press conferences and protests,

Nnimmo Bassey sends a clear message to delegates that “finding a solution to global warming does not require rocket science. The peoples of this world met last year in April in Cochabamba and came a way with a very clear simple, strategic document, the Peoples Agreement. The blueprint to fighting global warming is right in that document. And we find that leaders who spend months, spend years, and now they want 10 more years, 20 more years of inaction. We are demanding and call upon the leaders of all groups … to see clearly that enough is enough of this nonsense. We can’t afford to pretend that nothing is going on while the world is burning. Africa must not be killed. We are asking that everyone in the halls, all those in the Secretariat rooms, should no that what they are doing, the delays constitutes nothing short of crime.”

Nnimmo’s message is followed by the voices of protesters in the main hall of COP17 sending their messages to the negotiators and leaders.