Respecting the Natural Rights of all Nature

by Stella Joy and Tara Joy, Active Remedy Ltd

The need to focus on the Rights of Nature, are especially important in these times when so much of our direct relationship with living nature all around us has been largely ignored and forgotten. Due to this, massive abuses and destruction of the multitude of species within the natural world have taken place and a large percentage of humanity has lost its balance. The multitude of species which we share Earth with need to be heard and protected. Rights for Nature help provide these needs.

An understanding of the importance of the Rights of Nature involves respect and care for all the millions of natural species, which we share life on Earth with along with all human beings regardless of differences. It implies an understanding and respect for the immensely intelligent, interdependent and interconnected ecological systems and species, which we depend upon for life and share our lives with.

We believe in Universal Rights for all and that all beings have a common right to a healthy life in accordance with their own nature. It is only right that a river should flow to the sea and mountain peaks should be covered with snow. It is only right and natural for children of different species to play and for whales to swim in vast clean oceans.

There are Laws of Nature, which should never have been abused. For life on Earth including humanity to continue, it is imperative that we remember and give thanks for our natural living relationship with the whole. Humanity is after all a part of this incredible, interrelated natural world and we have immeasurable intelligence and capacities when our minds are connected with it in a common collective focus, for the well-being and benefit of the whole.

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