Booking Form and Agenda for the International Rights of Nature Tribunal

The 4th International Rights of Nature Tribunal will be held in Bonn, Germany at the LVR Landesmuseum on the 7th and 8th of November 2017.  The Tribunal offers the opportunity to visualize a world in which law and authorities work in the side of Nature. It tests new legal concepts, the recognition of the Rights of Nature under the public law at the international and local level – based on the “Universal Declaration of the Rights of Nature” – which recognizes the rights of ecosystems to exist and the duty of humanity to respect the integrity of their life cycles.

Admission is free but reservations are required.  Please complete the Booking Form to make your reservation. The Booking Form is provided in German, French and English.

To view International Rights of Nature Tribunal Agenda, click Bonn Agenda or scroll down to find the Tribunal schedule below the booking form.

To view Judges Bio’s visit International Rights of Nature Tribunal – Bonn

International Rights of Nature Tribunal Agenda

Day 1, 7 November 2017
1st Session

8h00 Registration
8h30 Opening Ceremony
9h00 Introductory Remarks
9h30 First Case
Climate Change and False Energy Solutions
Fracking, Coal and Nuclear
Consolidation of the fossil fuel industry in North America
11h00 Second Case
Financialization of Nature
12h00 Third Case
Water Rights
Overuse of the Aquifer in Almeria, Spain

2nd Session

14h30 Fourth Case
Defenders of Mother Earth
Indigenous Violations at Standing Rock, USA
Indigenous Violations in Russia
Indigenous Violations of Sami People, Sápmi (Scandinavia)
16h00 Fifth Case
Lignite Mining
Hambach Forest mining and deforestation
17h00 Judges’ statements from Day 1

Day 2, 8 November 2017
3rd Session

8h15 Registration
8h45 Welcoming and Overview
9h00 Sixth Case
Amazon Threats
The Amazon in Ecuador
The Amazon in Brazil
Tipnis Highway in Bolivia
Indigenous Violations in French Guyana
11h30 Seventh Case
International Trade
Implications of trade agreements on nature
12h30 Sentences and Tribunal Recommendations

4th Session

14h30 Rights of nature and Tribunal Teach-in

Movement Building
How to Bring Rights of Nature and a Tribunal to your home

Economics of Climate Change
Solutions for the Amazon and Leaving Oil in the Ground
19h00 Teach-In Closing
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