United Natures Media releases movie trailer

United Natures – a United Nations of all species will be released June 1, 2013.  Today, United Natures Media is releasing its first movie trailer.

Directed by Peter Charles Downey, the movie features an all-star global cast of top environmental thinkers and doers on the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, Permaculture and Permaculture of the Inner Landscape or the philosophical, psychological and spiritual aspect of environmentalism and sustainability.


Dr Vandana Shiva – Mother Earth Rights
David Holmgren – Permaculture
Cormac Cullinan – Wild Law
Starhawk – Permaculture and Spirituality
Father Bob Maguire – Spirituality
Dr Helen Caldicott – Environmentalism
Polly Higgins – Ecocide
Dr Alessandro Pelizzon – Earth Laws
Prof. Stuart Hill – Inner Permaculture
Dr Stephan Harding – Earth Systems Science and Gaia Theory
John Seed OAM – Deep Ecology
Prof. Judith Koons – Earth Rights
Linda Sheehan – Earth Laws
Oliver Holmgren – Permaculture
and others

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