Stepping stones – Tom Brenan reviews Exploring Wild Law

From Ecologist, by Tom Brenan

Tom Brenan discovers a wide range of voices from Earth law proponents around the world……

“In his preface to this collection of short articles, the editor Peter Burdon, says that the book is intended to be one step towards fulfilling Thomas Berry’s call for the Great Work ‘to carry out a transition from a period of human devastation of Earth to a time when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner’. While it is focused on law it also aims to appeal to those engaged in science, philosophy, religion and cultural studies.”

…”it is … a very important summary of Earth Jurisprudence’s evolution. Maybe the steps needed aren’t so big after all.”

Read Tom Brenan’s full review at TheEcologist, Stepping Stones

More about Exploring Wild Law from Wakefield Press:
Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence, Peter Burdon (ed.), Wakefield Press, 2011, ISBN 9781862549463
Exploring Wild Law The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence

Wild Law is a groundbreaking approach to law that stresses human dependence on nature. For the first time, this volume brings together voices from the leading proponents of wild law around the world.
Exploring Wild Law, The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence introduces readers to the idea of wild law and considers its relationship to environmental law, the rights of nature, science, religion, property law and international governance.

Compiled and edited by Peter Burdon, Exploring Wild Law is a collection of essays written by leaders in the field of Earth Jurisprudence! Among the authors are Thomas Berry, Ng’ang’a Thiong’o, Peter Burdon, Cormac Cullinan, Klaus Bosselmann, Linda Sheehan, Mari Margil, Judith E. Koons and many others.