Advancing Nature Rights Worldwide Resolution from Wild10 Conference

Earlier this month we posted about the 10th World Wilderness Congress and Rights of Nature with videos of Rights of Nature Plenary sessions.

International groups and indigenous leaders including a number of Global Alliance members participated in WILD10.  The Congress is calling for respect of Earth’s Laws and the recognition of Rights of Nature, for increased recognition and protection of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories; and for wilderness and conservation areas to be respected as No Go Areas.

A series of draft Resolutions were developed. Please read and comment on the resolution drafts at with specific attention:

No. 6 – ”Advancing Nature Rights Worldwide
Proposed by the Earth Law Center and supported by EnAct International and others, this resolution affirms the significant progress in the development of Earth Jurisprudence and recognition of the Rights of Nature.  It calls for a Global Coalition to advance the Rights of Nature in law and practice.
Text available:

No. 11 – ”Recognising Networks of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories and the Customary Governance Systems of their Custodian Communities as a Distinct Category of Protected Area.”
Proposed by Gaia Foundation, this resolution was supported by organisations including IPACC, TILCEPA, Sacred Natural Sites Initiative and the ABN.
Text available:

No. 12 –Building a Global Alliance to assert ‘No Go Areas’ for Mining and other Extractive Industries and destructive activities threatening World Heritage Sites, and Protected Areas, including Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCAs) and Sacred Natural Sites.”
This resolution was drafted by Gaia and IPACC, and proposed and seconded by organisations including the IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas and the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), and inter-commission bodies CSVPA and TILCEPA.
Text available:

Thanks to Earth Law Center, Enact-International, Gaia Foundation and others for your role in creating these resolutions!