The Law of the Seed

In country after country local, open source seeds are being made illegal to establish a Monsanto monopoly on Seed and force GMOs and patents everywhere. This is a vital aspect of Earth Rights.

The Law of The Seed aims to bring back biodiversity and recognition of farmers’ rights, to bring back democratic systems in society to shape laws as well as knowledge.

The Law of the Seed is put forward as a tool to be used by citizens everywhere and in every context to defend their seed freedom and seed sovereignty as well as to provide a practical guide to all future development of laws and policies on seed.

We hope that it will serve as a catalyst for citizens to spread awareness of the critical state of the seed and of biodiversity and of how science and laws are being manipulated, threatening the seed and food sovereignty of peoples in all parts of the world. We hope that citizens everywhere will use The Law of the Seed as an advocacy tool to push for local, regional and national legislation that favors and respects seed freedom and the law of the seed. and the Working Group on the The Law of the Seed.  For the full article visit, The Law of the Seed.