Short Circuit Report – the True Cost of Our Electronic Gadgets

Gaia Foundation, ABN, and allies have just launched Short Circuit Report:  The Lifecycle of our Electronic Gadgets and the True Cost to Earth

ShortCircuitReportA new report launched by The Gaia Foundation, African Biodiversity Network (ABN), and allies, exposes the social and ecological atrocities and the toxic legacy of gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. From environmental destruction and contamination caused by extraction, exploitative working conditions during production, to the mountains of e-waste being shipped abroad, the report follows the birth, life and death of everyday gadgets and reveals their true cost to the planet and to future generations.

Short Circuit – The Lifecycle of our Electronic Gadgets and the True Cost to Earth is the follow-up to the 2012 report, Opening Pandora’s Box, which exposed the alarming scale and rate of growth of the extractive industries and the disastrous ecological impact that this is having across the world. Short Circuit turns our attention to a key driver of this growth – the surge in consumerism and an increasingly throw-away culture, fuelled by marketing and illusions of necessity, and supported by the built-in obsolescence of our electronic gadgets.

Among the thought provocative Stories of Creativity included in the report is Reconnecting with Earth Our Source of Life and Law by Carine Nadal which examines how we can re-connect with Earth, relearn her laws, and recognize Rights of Nature.

You can download the full report as a pdf here: SHORT CIRCUIT or read the Executive Summary.