Nature is not Mute by Eduardo Galeano

Excerpted from Inter Press Service, April 1, 2008 –

At the time Ecuador was rewriting her Constitution to include Rights of Nature, Eduardo Galeano wrote the referenced article about why the time has come to recognize Rights of Nature in Ecuador — wisdom for the rest of the world, too!

“Nature has a lot to say, and it has long been time for us, her children, to stop playing deaf. Maybe even God will hear the cry rising from this Andean country and add an eleventh amendment, which he left out when he handed down instructions from Mount Sinai: ”Love nature, which you are a part of.”

An object that wants to be a subject

For thousands of years almost all people had only the right not to have rights. In reality, quite a few remain without rights today, but at least now the right to have rights is recognised, and this is considerably more than a gesture of charity by the masters of the world to comfort their servants.

And nature? In a way it could be said that human rights extend to nature because she is not a postcard meant to be viewed from afar. But nature knows full well that even the best human laws treat her as a piece of property, never as a holder of rights.”


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