Notes for the debate The Rights of Mother Earth

By Pablo Solon from Systemic Alternatives

What are the rights of Mother Earth?

What are the Rights of Mother EarthA new vision of our relationship with nature, a new legal framework, a set of ethical principles, a strategy with which to question the superpowers of transnational corporations?

The Rights of Mother Earth refers to all of these things and something more: it is a call to cast off the dominant anthropocentric paradigm and imagine a new Earth society. The Rights of Mother Earth is like a river made up of different streams that are flowing toward the ocean, but have not yet reached its shores.

“Nature is a subject and not a collection of objects.”
-Thomas Berry

The Questions

How is the systemic crisis evolving? How the are centers of political and economic power responding? How are social movements reacting? What systemic alternatives are being developed? How to strengthen the resistance and struggles to achieve real change?

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