Cormac Cullinan hosted by Earth Charter International

Cormac Cullinan - SAB Environmentalist of the Year 2012Earth Charter International hosted international environmental law and global governance experts Cormac Cullinan and Peter Brown for a webinar on Environmental Law and Global Governance.  Cullinan and Brown offered a critical analysis of the current global governance system for sustainability and the role of ethics and the Earth Charter in the needed paradigm shift.

Cormac posed the question “Are our current governance systems appropriate for to the challenges of this 21st Century and protect the ecologoical integrity of Earth’s ecosystems?”  In addressing the question, he spoke of the critical role of Rights of Nature.

The webinar is available at Earth Charter Webinar on Global Governance.  Please note, the webinar starts at 22 minutes into the recording.  Advance your cursor to the O mark on the recording time line to start viewing at the time the session starts.  Cormac is the first speaker.