People’s Climate Train – CA to NY Sept 2014

From the Peoples Climate Train organizers:

The People’s Climate Train is pulling out on September 15 from Emeryville, CA and will arrive in New York City on September 18, 2014 to join the People’s Climate March September 20 & 21. Visit People’s Climate Train to SIGN UP NOW!

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This train is bound for the People’s Climate March, the largest demonstration ever to demand action on climate change. This mass march will coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit on September 20th & 21st, to which the leaders of 180 countries have been invited.Join the People's Climate Train to the The People’s Climate March and UN Climate SummitThe train will leave the SF Bay Area on Monday, September 15, picking up activists and concerned citizens in Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago and more, before arriving in NYC on Thursday the 18th. Along the way we’ll have teach-ins, trainings, mixers, and movement-building workshops.

Please contact with questions, ideas, and/or interest in participating in this legendary train ride to the biggest demonstration in the history of the climate movement. More info at People’s Climate Train.

If you want to ride from Emeryville, you can buy your tickets now! $201 in coach – $558 per person in shared sleeping car to Chicago.


The People’s Climate March is an invitation to change everything. The people will converge on New York City during the UN Climate Summit to demand that our world leaders ensure a safe, stable future for us all. We want to be there, and we want getting there to be as meaningful as the event itself.


The People’s Climate Train is a once in a lifetime experience for participants to spend days together networking, sharing knowledge and skills, organizing and building towards a landmark moment in the climate movement.

This cross-country train will travel from the SF Bay Area to New York City, picking up activists and concerned citizens all along the way, using these precious days together for teach-ins and trainings, mixers and movement building. We will arrive at the People’s Climate March more connected, informed, organized, and ready for action.


This People’s Climate Train is being organized by Center for Biological Diversity in partnership with Buddhist Global Relief, Global Exchange, and many regional grassroots groups. The People’s Climate March is endorsed by hundreds of grassroots, faith, and environmental groups from across the country.

A big Thank you to Center for Biological Diversity and all the organizing partners!