A voice to be reckoned with – our children

13 year old Felix Finkbeiner addressed the United Nations at the opening of the Year of the Forest,  February 2, 2011.  

His question to adults from the children:  “Why is there so little action?  We know that adults know the challenges and the solutions.  What we don’t understand is why is there so little action?” 

The children reckon that one possible reason there is so little action is that we adults tend to follow the skeptics.  Felix notes “If we follow the scientists who tell us there is a crisis, and if we act, and then in 20 years find out they were wrong, we did not do any mistake.  BUT, if we choose to follow the skeptics and in 20 years we find out they were wrong, it will be too late to save our future.”

Felix is the founder of Plant for the Planet.  At the age of nine, Felix announced that he wanted to plant a million trees in his native Germany. It took just three years for Felix and Plant for the Planet to do that.  Now his organization, Plant for the Planet,  has planted almost 4 million trees around the world with a goal of 131,000,000 trees.

Stop talking, Start planting …

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