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Enshrining Rights of Nature in Law by Mumta Ito, TEDx Findhorn

Speaking at TEDxFindhorn, Mumta Ito advocates enshrining Rights of Nature in law in order for humans to protect the environment that we all need for our very existence.

In her passionate talk, Mumta points out that although Humans have the Right to Life, Nature –  which provides all the materials for our lives – has no such Rights.


WHOLE: Working Holistically on Legal Evolution

by Mumta Ito

The International Centre for Wholistic Law announces WHOLE: Working Holistically on Legal Evolution Workshop Saturday – Sunday 25-26 January 2014, Findhorn Scotland.

Following the success of our inaugural workshop in May “Evolving Earth Law: Co-Creating a New Legal Paradigm”, we are hosting another workshop that will use systemic constellations to look at environmental and legal issues with a view on evolving our approach to embrace a whole systems perspective. We will also take some time to give an update on the Global Alliance Rights of Nature Conference and the European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature.

In the interests of meeting the diverse economic needs of participants, the workshop is offered on a donation basis – we will be transparent about our costs and ask you to attune to your contribution at the end.

For a printable flyer on the event click:

WHOLE: Working Holistically on Legal Evolution

Dates: Sat 25 – Sun 26 January 2014

Venue: Findhorn Foundation Community

Cost: By donation

For more information on Mumta Ito and her work through the International Centre for Wholistic Law, read Defending Nature with Wholistic Law.

For more precise details please see flyer attached. On how to get to Findhorn see and where to stay in the Foundation

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