Pacha’s Pajamas – A children’s story about Rights of Nature

“Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature”, part of an unprecedented edutainment platform that connects ecology and entertainment, debuted its eBook today. The innovative children’s story, considered a modern-day “Jungle Book”, details a city girl’s dream in which animals and plants from her pajamas come alive to defend Mother Earth. Already garnering critical praise from leading environmental advocates and authors, the “Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook is the first in a series of products from BALANCE Edutainment, which seeks to build a strong youth movement in support of a universal Nature’s Rights initiative at the center of a Fox News heated controversy.

The success of such films as “Avatar” demonstrates that audiences worldwide are interested in media with an environmental message. It can be difficult to imagine how this creative children’s tale might be found controversial, yet it’s in the middle of a firestorm as Fox News has accused Nature’s Rights’ proponents of advocating for a new “radical regime of global environmental law.” Huge numbers of citizens across the globe oppose Fox News’ anti-environmental stance as they believe major changes to environmental law are critically needed. Thousands of animals and plants around the world are facing extinction, with species currently disappearing at a rate of up to 1,000 times higher than normal-representing the first major die-off in 65 million years.

Vandana Shiva, Adviser for the International Forum on Globalization, writes in the book’s foreword, “‘Pacha’s Pajamas’ presents unheard voices, songs and stories of nature, calling forth empathy for all beings and engaging young people in a conversation about the future.” Acclaimed author and environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill says, “To inspire and re-inspire all people-of all ages-to care for the Earth, each other and all life is vital for our human species to not only survive, but to thrive. Creativity like ‘Pacha’s Pajamas’ plays an important role in this, our collective story.”

The “Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook, along with an animated short and music single, is available at and through It will be downloadable this month on eReaders and mobile devices in both English and Spanish. Interactive apps and an illustrated audiobook are forthcoming.

BALANCE Edutainment is an Oakland, Calif.,-based social enterprise that is creating a series of edutainment platforms to “crank up the volume” on the unheard voices of nature. Through its partnerships and “Pacha’s Pajamas” products, including an eBook, interactive apps, audiobook, live performance and film, BALANCE Edutainment intends to reach 100 million young people and their families over the next four years, helping to change the course of social and environmental history and popularizing the global acceptance of Nature’s Rights. A large percentage of profits will be donated to aligned charities.

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Dave Room, BALANCE Edutainment

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2011


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