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We invite you to share your stories about Rights of Nature. Tell us examples of how rights of nature are being recognized in your community or around the world.

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  1. It is a work that saves the generation-it’s concern being the most neglected but most important right – the right to life of Mother Earth.

  2. “What makes the desert beautiful” says the little prince” is that somwhere it hides a well”
    (Antoine De St. Exupéry- The Little Prince)

    At the Ecovaproject we advocate for a shift in consciousness regarding our own future.
    So join us on the green path towards a future of peace, leisure and abundance!

    ECOVA stands for Earth Community and Ecological Values, for we are all children of Mother Earth and Mother Earth NEEDS us!

    A worldwide movement that respects and defends Earth Community Value and Ecological Value CAN Make the Change!

    Many thanks to Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. Hope to meet you soon!

  3. Hello. I thought this article from Radical Philosophy might be of interest to the members of this network. Cheers, Cathryn

    The Valuation of Nature
    The Natural Choice White Paper
    RP 170 (Nov/Dec 2011)
    Kathryn Yusoff

    How to value biodiversity and the mutable thing called nature, in the context of biodiversity loss in the UK and elsewhere, is a question that has been vexing biologists, conservation groups, environmental lawyers and indigenous groups. The question is posed in the context of that modestly named ‘sixth mass extinction event’, the Holocene Event, and a number of recent publications that have highlighted the UK’s declining ecosystem services and fragmented nature spaces. (…)

  4. I grew up next to largely unspoiled ecosystems–woods, bogs, marshes–but have noticed that many in more recent generations don’t have the same intimate connections with nature and the land. The younger generations didn’t play outside much if at all because of their parents’ worries about security, over-scheduled activities, and competition from video games etc. I developed a mystical connection with nature which I still fortunately have, but now it distresses me to see how much the land is being violated by people who clearly don’t share that sort of connection and think of the land only as something to exploit for profit. In Ecuador I sought out indigenous people in the Oriente (amazon region) and saw that they still had a genius for sustainable living in the environment. Can the people of the rich countries relearn that basic reverence for the land?

  5. Hello everyone. After a few years of study and stories written (an Italian Rolling Stone magazine piece on the Ecuador 2008 Referendum and other stuff, I am a writer, and also a non-journalist, in 2011 I could bring at Bergamo Scienza Festival in Italy a conference to introduce The Rights of Nature. The conference went very well. We distributed to 150 people the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth. And people here in Italy, also alerted by this in various online magazines and blogs since 2010, were stunned by the fact that “it really existed” and that the United Nations were aware of it. It made a breakthrough. To approach the conference I had read the new edition of Cormac Cullinan’s “Wild Law”. This book will be launched in May in the Italian edition titled I Diritti della Natura.Wild Law, that I have translated and edited.
    In December 2011 a small company from he mountain Valley where I live, working with solar panel, biomass and small hydroelectric renewable energ, contacted me to express their inability to articulate properly their ecological values in a field where too many of the companies involved are smartasses looking for government fiscal incentives. They wanted someone to articulate their values and their disbelief in the old way of capitalistic economical assault on Earth. I was honestly stunned. I changed the way they present the company, erased the word “ambiente” (Environment: it is too cold: let’s use Earth and Nature. They did). I accepted the challenge to risk a slowly and steadily built reputation as an Author with books always linked to the deepest values of Earth, because I could see that most Environmental established groups like Italia Nostra, WWF, Legambiente, Mountain Wilderness were not ready yet for the Rights Of Nature, Wild Law, and Earth Jurisprudence: sadly, I noticed that they probably are informed by the same frame of mind of the usual politics, They are not really the allied forces I would have thought. Still, many of these people attended the real FIRST great Conference on the Rights of Nature that we held with Mari Margil and Thomas Linzey a few days ago, on March 30 2012. This happened in a very important venue and was all paid for by the above mentioned company, INNTEA. Not a single particle of ideas, proposals, discussion, contents, were ever put at risk by the company: they gave me a great chance and like a Trojan Horse, we held the conference in the heart of Industrial Lombardia, one of the most polluted areas in the world. I had total freedom but we finally had some money to promote the event in ways that made March 30 2012 in Alzano Lombardo at FaSE Italia an amazing day. I, and a few other people, including the Italian lawyer Francesca Mancini, who also spoke at the conference and drafted a letter to our President to include Rights of Nature in our constitution, and former provincial head of Legambiente Paolo Locatelli, announced the birth of the group DIRITTI DELLA NATURA ITALIA (RIGHTS OF NATURE ITALY). It was great to do it in the presence of Mari and Thomas of course and having the honour to be briefed by them for a couple of days in our beautiful mountain village. The group so far is a page I was keeping on my webiste We are planning to turn it into a working group to avoid dissipating the energies that were liberated at the conference the other day. I will remain Davide the Author and the writer, the thinker and the passionate one, but we need practical things to happen and so we are already at work to try and put in practice some work. We will keep you updated. We are also a group on FACEBOOK. Join us, if you like. Davide Sapienza, Presolana, Italia.

  6. Science continues to show us that we are an interactive web of life. As we learn more, we become more aware of the interdependence of all creatures. Don’t wait until we are alone and bereft of support. Just because we don’t see the anthropogenic causes of our increasing isolation doesn’t mean it’s not happening–preserve life in all it’s forms and it will preserve us. “The end is nigh” only because we choose to cause it.

  7. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. Arundhati Roy


    i have been following the Natures Rights movement with great interest.
    I work for an organization that creates covenants on title for landowners.
    I believe our covenants provide a means to enshrine natures rights and to allow landholders to make a strong stand for natures rights, however they are currently framed within the current human centered paradigm.
    I discovered that a Natures Rights covenant has been created in Pennsylvania, I am now perusing the creation of such a covenant. I have contacted the Wildlaw group in Australia and they are interested in supporting this initiative.

    I am interested in connecting with workers in other countries who are pursuing similar objectives for support and learning.

    Towards a mutually beneficial nature -human civilization!


  8. In my country if Bats are found living in any tree no matter where it is located it is illegal to chop down the tree!
    its a small thing but i think its great!

  9. Soy de Guayaquil-Ecuador, tengo 9 años, y mi papá me enseñó, desde los dos años de edad que no tengo que botar los papeles, ni envases plásticos a la calle, sino en recipientes, incluso en casa me decía que si otro miembro de la familia botaba “basura” a la salida de la casa o en el patio que yo tenía que recogerla y ponerla en el tacho de basura, de esa forma ayudamos al medio ambiente. Al principio no comprendía pero ahora sí.
    I’m from Guayaquil-Ecuador, I have 9 years old, and my dad taught me, from two years old do not have to throw the paper, or plastic containers to the street, but in containers, even at home told me that if another Member family bounced “junk” off the house or yard that I had to pick it up and put it in the trash, that way we help the environment. At first I did not understand but now I do.