Seeds of Freedom

The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network have come together to co-produce a landmark film on the story of seed entitled Seeds of Freedom in collaboration with GRAIN, Navdanya International and MELCA Ethiopia. The story of seed has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt. It’s been written by those who want to make vast profit from our food system, no matter what the true cost. It’s time to change the story. For the full story and background on this powerful film visit

Seeds of Freedom from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo.

The voices that feature in Seeds of Freedom are environmentalists, government representatives, food advocates and farmers. Here is a sampling of their key quotes from the film.  Learn more about the film and the movement from Dr Vandana Shiva, Physicist and internationally renowed activitst , Dr Melaku Worrede, Ethiopian plant geneticist and Right Livelihood award winner, Liz Hosken, Founder and Director of The Gaia Foundation and others at

“Seed freedom is Earth Rights … it is the right of the seed in all its diversity and self organization to evolve into the future.” Dr. Vandana Shiva speaking at Rio+20 Earth Summit.  For a video of Vandana Shiva visit  Seed Freedom is Earth Rights.