Wild Law UK celebrating 1st anniversary Monday November 14, 2011 with Exploring Wild Law Book Launch

On Monday 14th November, Wild Law UK will be celebrating its 1st year anniversary, and the UK launch of ‘Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence’ in London!

Wild Law UK ( aims to secure rights of nature in law, and consists of more than 100 UK-based legal professionals from the private, public and voluntary sectors and non-lawyers from all walks of life, including students, environmental campaigners, academics, scientists and economists.

Many of you may have heard about the launch of the new book ‘Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence’ at the Australian Earth Jurisprudence Conference in September.

This book shares intercultural reflections and stories from leading Earth Jurisprudence advocates, including Thomas Berry, Cormac Cullinan, Ng’ang’a Thiong’o and Melesse Damtie (African Biodiversity Network), Liz Hosken (Gaia Foundation), Jules Cashford, Polly Higgins, Ian Mason, Begonia Filgueira, Elizabeth Rivers, Stephan Harding, Mari Margil (CELDF), Linda Sheehan (Earth Law Centre) and many more.

This is an important contribution towards developing Earth-centred laws and practices, which support the health and integrity of Earth, her communities and of future generations.

A huge thank you to all the contributors and particularly to Peter Burdon, who edited and wove this tapestry of stories. Thank you to Wakefield Press for publishing.

UK book launch

The UK event is organised by Wild Law UK, in collaboration with Gaia Foundation. The Chair, Liz Hosken (Gaia Foundation), will remind us of Thomas Berry’s vision of Earth Jurisprudence and the pressing need for Earth-centred governance in this time of ecological and social crises. Some of the authors of the book will lead lively discussions, including Gathuru Mburu (African Biodiversity Network on customary law), Polly Higgins (Ecocide campaign), and Begonia Filgueira (co-author of the UKELA-Gaia Wild Law Report). Ned Westaway and Melanie Strickland from Wild Law UK will highlight Wild Law UK’s recent contributions and invite people to join the movement.

Wild Law UK is expecting about 45 people – a mix of the core Wild Law UK group and potential new allies in the UK who are interested in the philosophy and practice of Earth Jurisprudence.

The book will be available on the day and also from Wakefield Press.