Running for Rights of Nature in Bucharest!

Alexandra Postelnicu is a global advocate for Rights of Nature and the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth.  A native of Romania, Alexandra focuses her attention on the Bucharest International Marathon as an opportunity for promoting Rights of Nature. Last year, Alexandra and her colleagues with Pachamama Romania gathered 1,000 signatures in support of the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth.  Read her article Birthing Rights of Mother Earth in Romania for more of her inspiring story.

On October 7, 2012  Alexandra and friends will again be gathering at the Bucharest International Marathon in support of Rights of Nature.  Florin Stanciu will be running the marathon in support of Rights of Nature.

Florin StanciuFlorin Stanciu – for Rights of Nature

Florin Stanciu is a 39 year old man who lives in Priboieni, a small but beautiful village near Pitesti in central Romania. Florin is a car-mechanic and besides that, he spends his days taking care of the house and his father.

Three years ago, he started running hills in the backyard and found that he liked it. Florin started running with less than one mile, and then he increased the distance to two and three miles. After every run, he felt increasingly better and stronger. Furthermore, he felt a psychological change: he felt more peaceful, more compassionate and closer to God. Running hills in his village, he began to notice the beauty of nature around him: the animals, the birds singing, the breeze. Running also brought a change in Florin’s view of life: he realized the benefits of sport and healthy nutrition on health.

In less than a year, he attended the Bucharest International Marathon where he ran all 42 miles in 3h:30min. Two weeks after the marathon race, Florin ran his first ultramarathon: 100 km from Bucharest to  Pitesti along the DN7 road. Alone without any team support, only a backpack, an umbrella and music in headphones, Florin wanted to test his body limits. He noted then that he is was not prepared for such a race, but with an iron ambition, he did not give up until he got home. He ran for 12 hours.

The hardest race he ever did was on the same route Bucharest-Pitesti when he tripped and fell on the pavement. Even with bruised knees, he continued running. “I hit myself, I suffered, but I don’t quit!”

Now Florin is aiming for much more! He committed to run about 4 marathons in a single day for Pachamama Romania and ViitorPlus Romania, with a well defined charity, to help Rights of Nature, the Children’s Forest!

The children’s Forest is a campaign that aims to plant one sapling for every new-born in Romania on degraded land in the south of the country. This forest has begun to grow this year in the Poroschia village, Teleorman. However, there are still thousands of saplings that need to be planted and cared for so that each new-born baby can enjoy the forest when they are adults.

Mother Earth Rights Campaign aims to create a popular movement to bring global recognition and acceptance of the Rights of Nature. A key step to produce this is to introduce a system of law by which Nature is treated as a fundamental entity, having rights and not as a property that is exploited at will.

Florin is going to donate the money he is going to collect towards the NGOs, ViitorPlus and Pachamama Romania, and with this money, we will plant and take care of the seedlings in the THE FOREST OF THE CHILDREN and we will publish an booklet about the Rights of Nature.

Florin is going to start running on the evening of October 6, the distance Pitesti – Bucharest and then after a short break , he is going to attend this year’s edition of the Bucharest International Marathon. The total distance is 150 km. You can support and you Florin donations to