Natalia Greene speaks on Rights of Nature at Global Youth Assembly

Natalia Greene spoke to  more than 300 young people about Rights of Nature at the Ignite Change Now! Global Youth Assembly (GYA) in  Edmonton, Canada on Thursday July 28, 2011.   Young people ages 16 to 28 came from Edmonton, Rwanda, Ukraine, Bolivia, Nunavut, rural Alberta, and many other places and walks of life to share in the GYA experience.

Nati spoke about the legal protection Ecuador’s Constitution affords nature through its Rights of Nature articles.  The St. Albert Gazette reported on Nati’s presentation at GYA.   “Nature is like a plane,” she says, “and if we keep taking parts out of it, eventually it will crash.”

“We are a part of nature,” she says. “If we don’t respect nature, we’re not respecting our rights.”  She encouraged the young people to get involved, start conversations about nature’s rights and lobby their own governments.

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Mother Nature has rights, say speakers

Local youth hear about Earth’s legal rights

Saturday, Jul 30, 2011 06:00 am | By Kevin Ma | St. Albert Gazette