2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations November 7-9

Future First 2014 Women's Congress Nov 7-9, 2014 Minneapolis, MN

Why Are Women Standing Up To Protect the Planet?

Women are coming together now because we know we must. Strong women fought for equal rights for all of us. Now, we’re in a new phase in which we are taking seriously our responsibility for things we must change. We are determined that our grandchildren and their children will not look back and say “But you knew what was happening to the environment and you didn’t take action? What were you thinking?”

  • Do you believe we’re at a tipping point in being able to prevent the slow, persistent devastation of our planet?
  • Do you want to learn how to have heart-led conversations about climate change – without having to know all the facts?
  • Are you ready now to stand up for what you believe and value?
  • Do you want to link arms with others to help protect our planet from destruction?

We now know that the very foundation and source of our lives, our health, our children’s health, and our economy are all in danger if we do not take action now.

What do we know?

The planet’s diverse ecosystems are collapsing. The plight of the bees, the butterflies and now the birds – even our beloved Loon – are evidenced in major population decline.
Fracking is heralded as key to our nation’s clean energy future despite ample research evidencing the serious long-term consequences to the land, water and air – and to our health.
The oceans are in danger; as carbon emissions go up, the heat is warming the oceans and causing untold damage.
The many chemicals we now are exposed to are responsible for much of the disease in us and in children. The very womb is now toxic in too many ways.

The good news is, more and more people are waking up to this truth each day and asking themselves:

  • What is my role?
  • What can I do in order to look future generations in the eye and say:  Yes, I did know what was happening and I took action?
  • How then shall I stand up to protect the planet?

Great events culminating in big ideas change the course of history – Think Seneca Falls, The March on Washington and the more recent People’s Climate March. The Women’s Congress is such an event, whose bold ideas and actions can change the course of history.

YOUR voice is needed at the Women’s Congress for Future Generations. Check here for more details.

The time is now. Men, you’re encouraged to attend, too! Join us!


The Women’s Congress will focus on the link between our economic systems and the environmental issues of climate change and chemicals.

It connects women from all ages, backgrounds and cultural groups who are concerned about climate change, environmental and economic justice, the health of our children, and who are committed to ending the chemical pollution of our bodies and Mother Earth.

We are standing together, withdrawing our consent to a toxic future, and crafting a new way forward – together. We’re saying ENOUGH to short-term, shortsighted decisions. We must think of the children, the grandchildren and the generations that follow.

The Women’s Congress brings together some of the planet’s best researchers, thought leaders, scientists, activists and artists for an event that will inspire ideas and energize action to truly shift the status quo. It’s an event like no other – you’ll challenge your mind with national and international speakers, workshops and panel discussions. You’ll open your heart with music, art and spoken word. Dozens of leading experts are participating to provide a full spectrum of learning, discussion and ideas – see website for complete speaker list.

At the conclusion of the event, our participants will be asked to bring their experiences, enthusiasm and real actions into communities across this country. For example, we are creating a Kitchen Table Kit, an online, interactive web-based platform of actionable ideas and resources for people facing threats in their own communities or seeking ways to improve their communities. Despite the challenges we face, we are all fully capable of impactful action!


PRE-CONGRESS EVENTS-Thursday evening and Friday morning.
These events are open to everyone, whether they are attending the full Women’s Congress or not. See website for registration details.
WOMEN’S CONGRESS STARTS: Friday 1:30 and Ends Sunday 12:30
Some Key Speaker and Session Highlights

Sonia Davila-Poblete – The Interconnectedness of All Things
Sandra Steingraber – Climate, Carbon and Chemicals: Finding a Way Forward
Mary Pipher – From Despair to Hope: Reconnecting to the Sacred Web of Life
Riane Eisler – Creating a Caring Economy
Joanna Macy – Deep Ecology (video conversation)
Caucus of All Waters and the Women’s Congress in Session
Celebration of Life – Rachel Bagby, Ilene Evans and Barbara McAfee
Conscious Living, Game Changers, and Setting Goals Going Forward
Sharon Day – Our Call to Action
Closing Ceremony, Ratifying and Affirming the Declaration

Informative! Pragmatic! Inspiring!

The Heart of Climate Change
An experiential workshop exploring how heart-led conversations and action builds a just and sustainable movement that will change the world.

Community Solar — No Roof Needed
This new model of ownership allows everyone with a utility bill to participate in the solar revolution – making solar less of a hassle, more affordable and accessible to all.

Using our Whole Selves, Our Full Voice to Effect Change
A highly interactive workshop to learn with some of the best coaches in the country; discover together practical and transformational ways to use our voices – an essential skill to effect change.

We are the Water!
Sharon Day, Nibi Water Walks, will engage participants in exploring their own relationship to bodies of water through art and writing. Participants will have the opportunity to express what they are willing to do for their own particular bodies of water.

Beyond the Plate: Working toward a just and sustainable food system
The US food system is far more complicated than most of us know – and many who labor long and hard to produce our food are not sharing in the bounty. Discover how we will all benefit from a more sustainable and just food system. LaDonna Redmond

Fracking, Mining and Pipelines! OH NO!
Should we allow America’s toxic mining into the watershed of America’s beloved Boundary Waters Wilderness Area or Fracking near the Finger Lakes of New York or along the bluffs of the Mississippi? Join activists in a stimulating conversation.

Fuel Change: Divest Invest
The worldwide movement to divest from fossil fuels and invest in our future is a student led movement. Why did it take off so quickly and garner such media attention and success? Come and learn from two insiders in the Divest Invest movement. Patty O’Keefe and Lisa Renstrom.

On the Commons and Rights of Nature
with Robin Milam of the Global Alliance speaking about Rights of Nature

And many other topics and presenters!

“This has everything to do with the fact that we are fulfilling our sacred responsibility for future generations. If we are willing to bring life into this world — and we are the first environment — then we have responsibility to leave a habitable, beautiful, healthy Earth for them.” Carolyn Raffensperger, Founder of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations.


A variety of registration levels are available.

We need your voice — pick the level that works for your budget.

We must act NOW to protect the planet for future generations!

YOUR voice is needed at the Women’s Congress for Future Generations. All registration levels include: Friday and Saturday dinners, Saturday lunch, Sunday treats, and all snacks, as well as facility, speaker, and other program expenses. Check here for more details.

Hotels near the Conference Center – Special Rates through Mid-October

Both hotels are modern, up to date facilities ready to welcome you.

Embassy Suites – Cut off Oct 14 Boulevard Hotel – Cut off Oct 16

*Climate March photo by A Katz,

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REGISTER NOW!  2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations 11/7-9

PLUS: Thursday Evening, Nov 6, “Bees, Birds and Butterflies” and reception.