Ecuador – from wonder to wasteland?

As the Correa Administration moves forward with devastating intentions to drill for more oil in one of the most biodiverse areas on our planet, the cry for earth justice increases and Ecuador faces increasing turmoil.

Ecuador – from wonder to wasteland?

by David Dene. Co-founder of Protect Ecuador

the beauty of Ecuador, Yasuni National park - from the upper Amazon to the Andean HighlandsEcuador is a small country containing a wealth of bio-diversity and is being threatened by a 21st century Neo-Liberal mind-set which is more interested in the accumulation of Capital than in the preservation of irreplaceable eco-systems.

The present Government’s push for the extraction of oil and mineral resources in some of the most bio-diverse areas on our planet Earth is causing growing tension in the country.

Oil Exploration and Extraction.
Yasuni National Park is an area of incredible bio-diversity which the Government has declared open to oil extraction. The people of Ecuador have presented more than 750,000 signatures demanding a referendum on this extraction. In just four days the Government declared 230,000 votes unacceptable, and refused to hold a referendum. There are loud calls declaring the process “fraudulent” and failure of the Democratic process (and here).

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