Yasuni livestreaming

The Yasuni Tribunal Commission on What Happened to Yasuni is livestreaming now at  in Spanish.

Tribunal Presided by:  George Caffentzis, University of Maine

Quito, Ecuador (US CDT) 10h00 – 12h45 (Case Resolution 14h30-15h00)

10h00   Opening Secretariat / Prosecutor
10h15   Yasuni Case Presentation
10h25   Presentation of experts/witnesses fraud
11h05   Presentation of experts/witnesses roads in Yasuni
11h55   Presentation of experts/witnesses Yasunidos
12h30   Prosecutor Statement
12h45   End for the first part
12h45   Break, kits and lunch – Exteriors of CAC
12h45 – 14h00     Auditory (Judge deliberation)
14h30 – 15h00   Tribunal Resolution – Auditory CAC
17h00   “Zapateada” Festive mobilization, exteriors of CAC

Background of the Yasuni Commission

On April 11th, 2014 the Ethics Tribunal for the Rights of Nature, chaired by Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos held a special session in Quito to hear the case of Yasuni National Park, particularly related to oil field ITT (Ishpingo, Tambocoha, Tiputini) or block 43. Their task was to analyze the arguments of the Ecuadorian Presidency’s request to declare oil exploitation ​​of national interest and the national Assembly acceptance that allows the exploration and exploitation of oil in block 43 oil field, within the Yasuni National Park.  At conclusion of the hearings, the Tribunal ordered the Ecuadorian Government to take the necessary measures to protect and fulfill the Rights of Nature, Human Rights, the Rights of Indigenous People, to guarantee ” the highest duty of the state (which) is actually (to) respect and uphold the rights guaranteed in the Constitution” (Art. 11.9).

The Tribunal called upon all national authorities, especially electoral and constitutional, to ensure the right to expression of the popular will expressed in the request for a referendum so that it will be the decision of the whole society to rule between life and oil exploitation in the Yasuni -ITT.  Furthermore, the Tribunal established a special committee to constantly monitor the implementation of this judgment.  The case presentation is to update the Yasuni Commission on the status of what has happened with Yasuni during the past four months.

For further information visit: Special Tribunal on Yasuni