Stop The Mirador Open Pit Copper and Gold Mine in The Head Waters of The River Amazon

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Condor Highlands - Mirador Mine region upper Amazon of Ecuador

The Mirador Mine has been opened. In four years it will mine 60,000 tons of rock every day. It is located in the Tropical Cloud Forests of the Sierra Del Condor, feeding the Head Waters of The great Amazon River. Mining has been started at an altitude of 800 meters and the pit will be dug to a depth of 400 meters below sea level. There are over 200 sources of water in the area. The mine will destroy the hydrology of the area and will therefore destroy the forests, destroy the habitats of all species, pollute the rivers and spread poisonous heavy metals throughout the land rendering, fishing, hunting and farming impossible. The Shuar Culture will be destroyed. Fish are already dying in the rivers.

We ask Judge Paul Narvaez, who is presiding over the case brought by NGO’s and Human Rights Organizations, to stop the mine.

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David Dene Co-founder of Protect Ecuador.

Why this is important

In this case the Judge can suspend the mine and call for a new Environmental Impact Assessment.The licensed EAI talks of extinction of species, poisoning of waterways with acid mine drainage, and possible failure of the Tailings Dams due to seismic activity.All this runs contrary to what we know is right and The Rights of Nature enshrined in the Ecuadorian Constitution.The Mine has the potential to destroy the lives of the Shuar tribe, and all others who live in the area of influence of the mine.

Protect Ecuador

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