Large scale mining in Ecuador

by Luis Corral

The environmentalist Luis Corral talks about the environmental liabilities and heritage losses associated with the large scale mining. He describes with clarity the incompatibility of mining with the cultural and ecological survival of the Condor Mountain Range, and the indigenous Shuar people.

The government of Ecuador has allowed foreign mineral and oil companies to plan and begin to carry out highly destructive and polluting extraction techniques on millions of acres of pristine forest in the provinces of Morona-Santiago and Zomora-Chinchipe.
These projects will cause irreparable damage to huge tracts of virgin Amazon rainforest. These projects violate both Ecuadorian Domestic law and International Human Rights law. These projects are being pursued without the agreement of the indigenous peoples, whose lands and sacred sights stand to be violated. This is contrary to the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples and contrary to the Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008 which also enshrines The Rights of Nature.Vast tracts of Southern Ecuador are now being opened to oil concessions as the Government desire to double their oil production. The President, in his election manifesto, has stated that he will exploit Ecuador’s mineral and oil resources to gain revenue for his country.
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