International Advocacy

The International Advocacy Working Group brings together people and organizations from around the world who are advocating the acceptance and implementation of rights for nature at the international level.

A key focus area is promoting the adoption of Rights of Nature legislation by countries around the world and expanding the understanding of fundamental principles of Rights of Mother Earth/Rights of Nature among civil society, climate justice activists, and governmental agencies globally.  With in this context, the International Advocacy group promotes the adoption by the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth which was proclaimed on 22 April 2010 by some 35,000 participants in the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. The working group also supports the efforts to promote the Declaration as an essential part of the long-term vision being developed by the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and for discussion at the Rio +20 conference to be held in 2012 in Brazil.

We seek to promote exchanges of information, working alliances and solidarity among the many different organizations that are advancing these ideas in international fora, whether or not that work is done under the banner of the Alliance.

Shannon Biggs, Global Exchange, Cormac Cullinan, EnAct International and Osprey Orielle Lake, Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus/Action Network co-lead the International Advocacy Group.

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