Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples -Local Communities on Climate Change against REDD and for Life

Indigenous Peoples Denounce Green Economy and REDD+ as Privatization of Nature

TIME:         10:00 a.m

DAY:          Friday, 15 June 2012
PLACE:     Clube de Engenhara, Avenida Rio Branco 124-18 andar

Indigenous Peoples of the world participating in Kari-Oca 2 denounce Rio+20’s Green Economy and REDD+ as the umbrella for selling nature, forests and air. REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation. Indigenous peoples and local communities will explain why REDD+ constitutes a worldwide land grab and gigantesque carbon offset scam.


Tom Goldtooth Dakota/Dine’ Peoples (English/Portuguese)

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Berenice Sánchez Nahua People (Spanish)

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