Large scale mining in Ecuador – Domingo Ankuash, Shuar

Domingo Ankuash speaks on behalf of the Shaur and Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador about the threat of the proposed Mirador open pit mining project.

This video has been created to bring to the eyes of the world the situation in South Eastern Ecuador. The government of Ecuador signed a contract with a Chinese company giving it the right to exploit the land, without consulting the inhabitants, thus violating the Constitution. This contract will lead to the extinction of the indigenous peoples from this area and their culture.

Shuar people reject the “invasion” of Chinese and Canadian corporations and the development of mines on their land and affirm that they will defend their territories until the last.

Environmental, human rights, indigenous organizations, and local community members from the Condor region in Ecuador have joined together to file a lawsuit to stop the Mirador Mining Project.  The suit claims that the mine would violate the protected rights of ecosystems per the Articles on Rights of Nature in the Ecuador Constitution. The case is now being heard by the Ecuadorian court in Mirador.

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