Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice


Australia’s Third Wild Law Conference

Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

16-18 September, 2011

Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law which proposes that we rethink our legal and political systems to make sure they support, rather than undermine, the integrity and health of the earth.  This Conference aims to create a space for the rigorous development of international and Australian doctrine in this new field of law and should not be missed by anyone interested in the future of environmental governance.

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Papers are invited from academics, legal practitioners, regulators, activists, philosophers and others which explore theoretical or practical aspects of Earth Jurisprudence and Wild Law.  The conference is multi-disciplinary and themes may include but are not limited to:

  • Building the theory of wild law
  • Wild law in practice, including wild approaches to environmental law
  • Indigenous perspectives of wild law
  • Wild law and intergenerational equity
  • Science and law
  • Wild law and climate change
  • Post growth economics and wild law
  • Teaching law wildly

Abstracts (maximum 150 words for 20 minute papers) can be emailed to: by 30th June 2011

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