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Rosia Montana Marathon, 23rd-24th of July 2016

Saturday, 23rd July 2016, early in the morning, at 7:30 AM, in front of the Heroes Monument in Rosia Montana, with tulnic’s sound, we started the Pachamama Marathon together with Constantina Dita, our Olympic champion, who also participated at 10 KM Race. We were very honored to have Ms Dita supporting our Rosia Montana project, supporting this Marathon, a Marathon which was dedicated to the  love of nature, history and culture.


RightsofNature-Romanian-2016The motto of our Marathon was “Din dragoste pentru România, istoria și cultura ei, Spuneți DA Drepturilor Naturii, pentru că natura este o Ființă Vie!” („Out of love for Romania, its history and culture, Say YES to the Rights of Nature because Nature is a Living Being!”), Rights of Nature being a project developed by Pachamama Romania in which we want to defend Nature’s rights in front of the injustice we experience in the present.

We organized this Marathon for the first time on 17th August 2013, and it was dedicated to fallen heroes in First and Second World War and  to the love and responsibility we have for our future generations. We do this thing in the first place by promoting a message of harmony between man and nature. We want to create sustainable communities, where people will grow in harmony with themselves and with nature.

The day of 17th August , first time when we held the Marathon, had another important signification: it is the day when Constantina Dita won the gold medal at summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, at the marathon , a unique day in Romanian athletics history.

The event organized at Rosia Montana this year had 3 trials: Marathon- dedicated to experienced runners, with a distance of 42,81 km; Half-marathon – dedicated to runners who had a limited experience in running, with a distance of 24,52 km and 10 KM Race- dedicated to runners who prefer short-distance races/ beginners. In addition to, we also had a Children Race through which we tried to encourage more and more children to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a love for nature.

The IVth edition of Pachamama Marathon at Rosia Montana was a wonderful one, because of the number of participants and their friends (350 people), because of our special guest, Ms Constantina Dita, children from the Traditional Assembly from Bucium and because of all little runners who participated in Children Race, folk singer Magda Puskas, camp fire at Eugen David home, all of these creating a loving atmosphere, full of happiness, smiles, detachment and other beautiful emotions.

We lived a feeling of accomplishment seeing people who were satisfied because of what we offered them and because of the warm welcoming from the rosieni.

The road to the moment of 23rd July, at 7:30 AM, when we officially started the Marathon it was a long one. Many hours of work and many people who dedicated their time and resources for this event to be possible.

We want to thank to all of them for their dedication and involvement, all of them contributed to the realization of Pachamama Marathon! Many thanks to the entire Pachamama Romania team and to all the volunteers who joined us at Rosia Montana.

We want to thank to all local (Rosia Montana Police and Rosia Montana Hall) and county authorities (Consiliul Județean Alba, Poliția Alba and Direcția Județeană pentru Tineret și Sport Alba)which had trusted and offered us the necessary approvals, supporting us.

A great amount of thanks goes to all our sponsors– AQUA Carpatica, SanoVita, Therme, Canah, Apis Carpatica, Sponser, Bio Naturalia – for offering their products and services.RosaMontana-sponsors-2016


We also want to thank to our Olympic champion, Ms Constantina Dita, for her presence at Rosia Montana. We are very happy that you could come from USA for starting and participating at our Marathon. It was a dream came true. We want too thank to our friends from Bucharest and Oradea who assisted you, they were great and offered us very much energy.

We thank you, all participants who came to Rosia Montana for Pachamama Marathon, even if you were a runner or you just came together with your family.

This year’s Marathon had at its Start a family of champions, Teodorescu family. All their members, Lacramioara, Adrian and their child, Alex, won the trials in which they participated, Half-marathon for the parents and Children Race for Alex. By means of this article we want to thank you as well, for deciding to came at Rosia Montana and being part of our dream. It was a pleasure to have you at this competition.

RosaMontanaYouth-july2016Besides young athlets of 17-18 years old, we had veteran participants as well. Mr Ion Zaharia (77 years old) and Ms Lucia Radu (84 years old). Ms Lucia, participating for the first time at our Marathon, said she was very excited about the event and our medal will be her 103rd. We want to thank them for their presence and their example. Through this combination of old generation with new generation at the Marathon’s start, we want to transmit a feeling of gratitude for our parents and grandparents and of responsibility we have for our future generations.


music-2016-RomaniaWe were so delighted to saw that people choose to spent their birthday running at Rosia Montana. 3 of the participants were celebrated Saturday and Sunday (23rd and 24th July) and by means of this article we want to say a warming “Happy Birthday!” to Roxana Corneanu, Birtalan Csanad and Stefan Salagean, the winner of the marathon.

In the evening, we enjoyed an artistic moment which melded together folk music with traditional Apuseni Mountains dances. In the beginning of the evening we were enchanted by a beautiful voice of a young girl from the Bucium community, area neighbouring Rosia Montana. Artistic program of the children continued with traditional Apuseni games and, after that, a 10-years old boy impressed us with his talent, performing many songs at taragot and saxophone, two pretentious and hard-to-play instruments for his age.

We want to thank them for their energy and their happines which enlighten our evenings.



What was next, was a total show, Magda Puskas along with her guitar colleague managed to keep all the people dancing, singing and creating big hora (specific Romanian dance where people keep their hands together and dance in sync) which covered the whole space of the cultural house.

Thank you, Magda, for your beautiful songs and for the atmosphere you created!

The evening continued with a camp fire at Eugen David’s home, president of Alburnus Maior Association. We were approx. 150 people who were talking about what we have lived along the day. But, Ana Daraban, our Pachamama colleague, made us a surprise and came together with Magda and her colleague. The rest of the night was all about singing and feeling good together.

campfire-Rosa-Montana-2016That was the ending of the first day of the event, a day in which participants ran together with Constantina Dita, admired natural beauties, ate delicious food at Pasta Party (cooked by David Vlascau together with his assistants), sang and danced at the artistic moment and told their stories in the evening, at the camp fire.

The second day of the event, Sunday, a big part of our participants (approx. 100) went to visit 2000 years old Romans Galleries.

After this visit, we had a tour at the most beautiful natural monuments in Rosia Montana, together with Calin Capros, vice-president at Alburnus Maior Association, a local man who knows very well this area and its history.

In that group was, Stefan Salagean as well, the winner of the Marathon. For them it was the most special day in the year because it was his birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” to him near Raven’s Stone, maybe the most beautiful natural monument of Rosia Montana. He will remember that day as a special moment in his life, along with us.

RosaMontana2-2016And, in this way, we ended the IVth edition of Pachamama Marathon at Rosia Montana, an event through which we want to offer to our participants a run in a wonderful natural frame of Rosia Montana, to have the occasion to reconnect with themselves and with nature.

RosaMontana-medalsThrough their feedback, we understand that we achieved our goals. People were very excited about the beauty of landscapes they encountered on their route, many of them stopping for contemplating what was before their eyes and to feel the energy of the place.

The most emotional moment was to see the Rosia Montana Scouts welcoming the participants at the finish line. Alessia, Luisa and other kids were very attentive to welcome properly every runner at the finish line and they were truly happy and excited when they put medals at runners’ necks.

We think that the involvement of the children in this kind of events represents one of the most succesful ways in which we can teach them right values, in which we believe. As one indigenous proverb says:

“A responsible man is that person who plans for the future 7 generations.”

What we want is that the people who come here to get involved, to listen to their soul and to put together a foundation in order to reconstruct Rosia Montana.

We want to create a stronger atmosphere, full of joy and hapiness, so, despite running in the nature, we thought about organizing artistic programs as well, in this edition being present musical and traditional dancing moments.

Also, we want to learn more and more about our history, as a nation. For this reason we organized the Roman galleries and natural monuments tour with Calin Capros, vice-president of Alburnus Maior Association, who told us about places’ history.

Our dream is to create communities which will spin around a noble goal- a sustainable, just and fulfilling world.  To realize that we do not leave in a separate way, but we are interconnected. Without what is around us, we wouldn’t exist.

The rain in the midtime of Children Race it was like a purifying energy.

We need to let go of our past problems and  feel our divine essence, to be joyful that we are together and we can make something good for those around us.

runners-RosaMontana-2016We believe that our biggest treasure is the fact that we are alive. Let’s be happy about this and  let’s ourselves to be carried in this mystery that is life.


In the ending, I will let you with 2 beautiful posts written after the event by Gabriel Bucerzan and Lacramioara Teodorescu, 2 sensitive and lovely persons, but in the same time, ambition and strong persons, who ran at the half-marathon trial at Rosia Montana: “Aseară trecui pe pante, pe la poarta dumitale / Să văd chip frumos, drag și luminos / Aseară trecui pe pante, pe la poarta ta cea mare / Te zăresc pe pajiște și pe lângă miriște / Au inima mea, ce frumoasă-i dragostea / Căci eu cât trăiesc, n-o să fug de ea / / Au inima mea, ce frumoasă-i dragostea / Căci eu cât trăiesc, n-o să fug de ea / – / Frumoasă-i Rosia Montană, când te plimbi cu o munțomană, peste munți se-ntinde ceața, chiar de dimineața / E distracție pe seară / Aer proaspăt, foc de tabără / Cântece vesele și zeci de zâmbete / Au inima mea, la bucla 2 este viață / Am servit compot și suc, alune și dulceață / Am servit compot și suc, alune și dulceață!”

(“Yesterday night I passed on the slopes, at your gate/ To see a beautiful face, beloved and bright/ Yesterday I passed on the slopes, at your big gate/ I see you on the meadow, near the stubble/ Oh, my heart, what a beautiful feeling is love!/ While living, I will not run away from it/Oh, my heart, what a beautiful feeling is love/ While living, I will not run away from it/-/ What a wonderful place is Rosia Montana, when you walk with a mountain-girl, fog stretches above mountains, starting from the morning/It is fun in the evening/ Fresh air, fire camp/ Joyful songs and many smiles/ Oh, my heart, at 2nd bubble it is real life/ I had compote and juice, peanuts and jam/ I had compote and juice, peanuts and jam!”) Gabriel Bucerzan

“Am trăit o poveste frumoasă la Roșia Montană. Locuri născute demult în jurul unui vulcan bogat care a revărsat strălucire și bogăție, ispite și neguri, filoane și fire, găuri și cratere, confuzie și o liniște prea tulbure pentru ultimii moți rămași să păzească stâncile cu clonț de corb și tăurile cu pești portocalii. Maratonul Pachamama Roșia Montană 2016 a spus tuturor participanților povestea locului, în sunet de bucium, în bătuta feciorilor, cu glasul de mierlă tânără a Magdei Puskas, cu bucuria blondă a lui Tică Darie, cu Ochiul lui Radu Cristi și inima organizatorilor și voluntarilor. Alergătorii au călătorit înapoi în timp, pe cursul apelor roșii, cu un ochi la traseu și altul la bogățiile fără de strălucire pe care Alexandra Postelnicu le-a scris pe medalii și pe sufletul nostru… iubire, bucurie, compasiune, recunoștință, fericire, iertare, pace, echilibru, prietenie, renaștere.”

(“I lived a beautiful story at Rosia Montana. Places born in the past around a vulcano which showered glamor and wealth, temptantios and darkness, holes and craters, confusion and an unstable peace for the last Moti,last guardins of the stones with raven beak and tauri with orange fishes. Pachamama Marathon at Rosia Montana 2016 spoke to every participants the story of the area, with alpenhorn sound, in lads’ dances, with a young blackbird voice of Magda Puskas, with blonde happiness of Tica Darie, with Radu Cristi’s Eye and organizers’ and volunteers’ heart. Runners walked back in time, on red water course, with an eye on the route and the other at the unsparkling treasures which Alexandra Postelnicu wrote on our medals and on our soul…love, joy, compassion, gratitude, happiness, forgivness, peace, equilibrium, friendship, rebirth.”) Lăcrămioara Teodorescu, The winner of the Halfmarathon (in centre)


By Alexandra Postelnicu, Pachamama Romania


Open Your Eyes by Milena Paraschive and Radu Popescu

Winners of the Rio+20 Global Rockstar Contest – Milena Paraschive and Raud Popescu of Romania – sang their beautiful composition of Open Your Eyes for the Rights of Nature as the Foundation for Sustainability Panel Dialogue and Rights of Mother Earth Signing Ceremony at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero.

“The message of our video is to “Open your eyes” to make this planet a better place & also to see the beauty of nature all around you.We wanted you to think a little bit more about what you can do to make this world a better place, and to appreciate what Mother Earth gave us. We also wanted to bring out the natural splendor of our homeland, Romania. In the end, the song is about the potential of our country, but more importantly, the potential of humanity as a whole. If we stop to think for a minute and come together as a single, unified race, we can make the world a better place for us and the generations to come. We have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Let’s try and make the best of it. That is what the song is all about.”

Read more at Global Rockstar

Open Your Eyes

See the gentle waters flow
On the crystal sand below
Hear them echo as the sailors row-row-row

To the north, the golden seeds
Never seem to fail our needs
As long as the sun will shine
We will all be fine-fine-fine
We just came here today
We feel so happy to say

Open your eyes and see the stars
Why can’t we just heal all the scars
Poluiton war and violence
Why do we all stay in silence
It’s about time you realize
You need to open your eyes

See the mountains way up high
Reaching far into the sky
Scraping clouds where only birds can fly-y y y

We’re waiting for the day when we
Will learn to live in harmony
All the peace and love we’ve found
Can make the world go round round round

We live on a green land
Its beauty has no end
Open your eyes and see the stars
Why can’t we just heal all the scars
Poluiton war and violence
Why do we all stay in silence

We can make it all work
We should stay together and be all so strong
Peace should guide us;
Love beside us
If we try together
we can make everything better
For us…
If we just open our eyes….

A call for Earth Revolution from the heart of our youth!

We all have a voice, we all have a gift to share… don’t miss Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Over 1400 Aboriginal Youth attended Gathering Our Voices 2012 held in Nanaimo, BC. Spoken words by 11 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney along with her memorable performance “Earth Revolution” was emotional and motivating.

Earth Junkies – Childrens Charter for Rights of Mother Earth

Earth Junkies Allow your heart to burst open with the stories of children share their adventures learning to decipher the world around us.  Earth Junkies is developing the first global Children’s Charter for the Rights of Mother Earth.

The Earth Junkies Project uses storytelling, a universal and traditional art form.  Storytelling has featured strongly in all cultures as an effective communication tool. Storytelling also plays a fundamental role in learning: Stories help children organise our varied, daily experiences, acting as a reference point to decipher the world around us.

Earth Junkies joined the COP17 Climate Train that traveled through South Africa in route to Durban and the UN Climate Change Conference. The brilliance of the project added a moving richness as children told their stories about why loving Mother Earth is so important.

Learn more at Earth Junkies Project and Earth Junkies Facebook.

Children of Romania share what nature means to them

In a touching video, children in Romania share what nature means to them.   They children participated in a valuing nature workshop recently where they talked about why protecting Mother Earth is important for all of us.

Rights of Nature Seen Through the Eyes of Romanian Children from Four Years Go Romania on Vimeo.

The workshop was sponsored by Four Years Go Romania as part of the Rights of Mother Earth Signature campaign.  See

Call for Rights of Mother Earth among Youth at Bioneers 2011

On Sunday afternoon, Kylie Nicole-Nealis of Global Exchange and Robin Milam of the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature invited Youth at the 2011 Bioneers Conference to take a stand for Rights of Mother Earth.

Aaron Ableman and Dave Room of BALANCE Edutainment/Pacha’s Pajamas introduced the Bioneers session with the moving story of a young girl with big dreams for restoring balance to our planet. Kylie Nicole-Nealis of Global Exchange presented the case for Rights of Nature.

Click for the touching story of Pacha’s Pajamas!

Natalia Greene speaks on Rights of Nature at Global Youth Assembly

Natalia Greene spoke to  more than 300 young people about Rights of Nature at the Ignite Change Now! Global Youth Assembly (GYA) in  Edmonton, Canada on Thursday July 28, 2011.   Young people ages 16 to 28 came from Edmonton, Rwanda, Ukraine, Bolivia, Nunavut, rural Alberta, and many other places and walks of life to share in the GYA experience.

Nati spoke about the legal protection Ecuador’s Constitution affords nature through its Rights of Nature articles.  The St. Albert Gazette reported on Nati’s presentation at GYA.   “Nature is like a plane,” she says, “and if we keep taking parts out of it, eventually it will crash.”

“We are a part of nature,” she says. “If we don’t respect nature, we’re not respecting our rights.”  She encouraged the young people to get involved, start conversations about nature’s rights and lobby their own governments.

Read the full article in the St Albert Gazette at:

Mother Nature has rights, say speakers

Local youth hear about Earth’s legal rights

Saturday, Jul 30, 2011 06:00 am | By Kevin Ma | St. Albert Gazette

Pacha’s Pajamas – A children’s story about Rights of Nature

“Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature”, part of an unprecedented edutainment platform that connects ecology and entertainment, debuted its eBook today. The innovative children’s story, considered a modern-day “Jungle Book”, details a city girl’s dream in which animals and plants from her pajamas come alive to defend Mother Earth. Already garnering critical praise from leading environmental advocates and authors, the “Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook is the first in a series of products from BALANCE Edutainment, which seeks to build a strong youth movement in support of a universal Nature’s Rights initiative at the center of a Fox News heated controversy.

The success of such films as “Avatar” demonstrates that audiences worldwide are interested in media with an environmental message. It can be difficult to imagine how this creative children’s tale might be found controversial, yet it’s in the middle of a firestorm as Fox News has accused Nature’s Rights’ proponents of advocating for a new “radical regime of global environmental law.” Huge numbers of citizens across the globe oppose Fox News’ anti-environmental stance as they believe major changes to environmental law are critically needed. Thousands of animals and plants around the world are facing extinction, with species currently disappearing at a rate of up to 1,000 times higher than normal-representing the first major die-off in 65 million years.

Vandana Shiva, Adviser for the International Forum on Globalization, writes in the book’s foreword, “‘Pacha’s Pajamas’ presents unheard voices, songs and stories of nature, calling forth empathy for all beings and engaging young people in a conversation about the future.” Acclaimed author and environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill says, “To inspire and re-inspire all people-of all ages-to care for the Earth, each other and all life is vital for our human species to not only survive, but to thrive. Creativity like ‘Pacha’s Pajamas’ plays an important role in this, our collective story.”

The “Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook, along with an animated short and music single, is available at and through It will be downloadable this month on eReaders and mobile devices in both English and Spanish. Interactive apps and an illustrated audiobook are forthcoming.

BALANCE Edutainment is an Oakland, Calif.,-based social enterprise that is creating a series of edutainment platforms to “crank up the volume” on the unheard voices of nature. Through its partnerships and “Pacha’s Pajamas” products, including an eBook, interactive apps, audiobook, live performance and film, BALANCE Edutainment intends to reach 100 million young people and their families over the next four years, helping to change the course of social and environmental history and popularizing the global acceptance of Nature’s Rights. A large percentage of profits will be donated to aligned charities.

Media Contact:
Dave Room, BALANCE Edutainment

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2011


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