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She is alive ~ Recognize Rights of Mother Earth

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She’s our mother …
She’s worth loving …
She’s worth protecting …
She’s worth defending …

You can make a difference.  Take action now and be 1 of a million standing for the UN and all nations to recognize Rights of Nature ~ Rights of Mother Earth.

She is alive is being re-released with thanks to Vivek Chauhan, SanctuaryAsia, Greenpeace, and Timescapes for rights to use this video.

Eco-Instigator On International Rights of Nature Tribunal

Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) released the December 2015 edition of eco-Instigator with a detailed article on the International Rights of Nature Tribunal held in Paris during COP21.  Nnimmo Bassey served on the panel of distinguished judges at the Tribunal in Paris and presented for the Case on False Solutions for Climate Change during the Tribunal in Lima, Peru in December 2014.

Nnimmo Eco-I 10 CoverNnimmo Bassey

Nnimmo Bassey is founding Director of HOMEF and serves on the Foundation’s Advisory Board.

An architect, environmental and Rights of Mother Earth activist, author and poet, Nnimmo’s Reflections (Oil Politics): sharing opinion. mobilising for change. present profound food for thought and a way forward.

Nnimmo chaired Friends of the Earth International from 2008 through 2012 and was Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action for two decades. He was one of Time magazine’s Heroes of the Environment in 2009. In 2010, Nnimmo Bassey was named Right Livelihood Award “…for revealing the full ecological and human horrors of oil production and for his inspired work to strengthen the environmental movement in Nigeria and globally.” and in 2012 he was awarded the Rafto Prize as a Defender of victims of climate change.

Health of Mother Earth Foundation

“HOMEF is an environmental/ecological think tank and advocacy organisation. It is rooted in solidarity and in the building and protection of human and collective dignity.

We believe that neoliberal agendas driven by globalization of exploitation of the weak, despoliation of ecosystems and lack of respect for Mother Earth thrive mostly because of the ascendancy of enforced creed of might is right. This ethic permits the powerful to pollute, grab resources and degrade/destroy the rest simply because they can do so. HOMEF recognizes that this reign of (t)error can best be tackled through a conscious examination of the circumstances by which the trend crept in and got entrenched. Thus, HOMEF will have as a cardinal work track continuous political education aimed at examining the roots of exploitation of resources, labour, peoples and entire regions. HOMEF hopes through this to contribute to the building of movements for recovery of memory, dignity and harmonious living with full respect of natural cycles of Mother Earth.

Three key areas of focus are fossil fuels, the politics of hunger and creating spaces for knowledge generation and sharing.

The Advisory Board is composed of women and men who have distinguished themselves in the struggle for environmental justice and the rights of Mother Earth: – See more at: “

Making Peace with the Earth

Vandana Shiva asked us to share this personal video message to Paris and to everyone on “Making Peace with the Earth.” Please watch and share.

We also invite you to sign A People’s Pact for Protection of the Earth and Each Other  individually and on behalf of your organization.



Remembering Jose Tendetza

 Fuente CEDHU

Semblanza …

José Tendetza

Líder indígena de la nacionalidad Shuar de la cordillera del Cóndor ubicada al sur de la Amazonía ecuatoriana.

Habitante ancestral de la zona donde una empresa china está construyendo  la mina de cobre llamada Mirado.

Hombre valiente y luchador, defensor de su tierra, orgulloso de su lengua, de sus raíces, le temblaba la piel de orgullo cuando hablaba de su familia, de la tierra de sus abuelos, de los padres de sus abuelos, de la tierra que él creía también iba a ser la tierra de sus hijos, mostraba con orgullo los árboles plantados por sus mayores.

Hombre joven, cazador certero, conocedor de las plantas sanadoras-

Lleno de energía, de alegría!

Su generosidad no tenía límites

Repetía una tarde que de aquí me sacan muerto!

Cumplió la promesa.

Su cuerpo sin vida fue hallado flotando en el río Zamora.

Su espíritu andará entre las cascadas sagradas, en el canto de la aves y los bosques de la cordillera.

Basada en la carta póstuma de su amiga Lupita de Heredia


El Tribunal Internacional por los Derechos de la Naturaleza se dedica a José Tendetza.

In English:

José Tendetza

Indigenous leader of the Shuar of the Condor Range located in the southern Ecuadorian Amazon.

Ancestral inhabitant of the area where a Chinese company is building the copper mine called Mirado.

Brave fighter and defender of his homeland, proud of their language, their roots, his skin trembled with pride when talking about his family, the land of their grandparents, parents of their grandparents; of the land he thought was going to be the land of their children; He proudly showed trees planted by their elders.

Young man, clever hunter, connoisseur of healing plants

Full of energy, joy!

His generosity was boundless

He repeated one afternoon that “I will be taken from here dead!

He kept his promise.

His lifeless body was found floating in the river Zamora.

His spirit walks between the sacred waterfalls, singing birds and forests of the Andes.

Based on the posthumous letter from his friend Lupita de Heredia


The International Rights of Nature Tribunal in Lima is dedicated to José Tendetza.

WOMEN ON THE RISE – Connecting Stories From The Frontlines

Trailer | WOMEN ON THE RISE – Connecting Stories From The Frontlines from Indigenous Environmental Network on Vimeo.

Trailer for a short film chronicling & connecting the stories of Indigenous Women worldwide leading the charge to protect the rights of Mother Earth and the generations to come; representing frontline communities most impacted by extractive industries.

Stories shared from:
Kandi Mossett (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara), Native Energy & Climate Campaign Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network; Melina Laboucan-Massimo, (Lubicon Cree First Nation ) Climate and Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace Canada; Crystal Lameman (Beaver Lake Cree Nation) Climate and Energy Campaigner for The Sierra Club; Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, communications manager of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation; Patricia Gualinga Montalvo, Kichwa Leader from the Ecuadorian Amazon | Amazon Watch; Pennie Opal Plant of Idle No More Bay Area California, and more to come.

Running for Rights of Nature in Bucharest!

Alexandra Postelnicu is a global advocate for Rights of Nature and the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth.  A native of Romania, Alexandra focuses her attention on the Bucharest International Marathon as an opportunity for promoting Rights of Nature. Last year, Alexandra and her colleagues with Pachamama Romania gathered 1,000 signatures in support of the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth.  Read her article Birthing Rights of Mother Earth in Romania for more of her inspiring story.

On October 7, 2012  Alexandra and friends will again be gathering at the Bucharest International Marathon in support of Rights of Nature.  Florin Stanciu will be running the marathon in support of Rights of Nature.

Florin StanciuFlorin Stanciu – for Rights of Nature

Florin Stanciu is a 39 year old man who lives in Priboieni, a small but beautiful village near Pitesti in central Romania. Florin is a car-mechanic and besides that, he spends his days taking care of the house and his father.

Three years ago, he started running hills in the backyard and found that he liked it. Florin started running with less than one mile, and then he increased the distance to two and three miles. After every run, he felt increasingly better and stronger. Furthermore, he felt a psychological change: he felt more peaceful, more compassionate and closer to God. Running hills in his village, he began to notice the beauty of nature around him: the animals, the birds singing, the breeze. Running also brought a change in Florin’s view of life: he realized the benefits of sport and healthy nutrition on health.

In less than a year, he attended the Bucharest International Marathon where he ran all 42 miles in 3h:30min. Two weeks after the marathon race, Florin ran his first ultramarathon: 100 km from Bucharest to  Pitesti along the DN7 road. Alone without any team support, only a backpack, an umbrella and music in headphones, Florin wanted to test his body limits. He noted then that he is was not prepared for such a race, but with an iron ambition, he did not give up until he got home. He ran for 12 hours.

The hardest race he ever did was on the same route Bucharest-Pitesti when he tripped and fell on the pavement. Even with bruised knees, he continued running. “I hit myself, I suffered, but I don’t quit!”

Now Florin is aiming for much more! He committed to run about 4 marathons in a single day for Pachamama Romania and ViitorPlus Romania, with a well defined charity, to help Rights of Nature, the Children’s Forest!

The children’s Forest is a campaign that aims to plant one sapling for every new-born in Romania on degraded land in the south of the country. This forest has begun to grow this year in the Poroschia village, Teleorman. However, there are still thousands of saplings that need to be planted and cared for so that each new-born baby can enjoy the forest when they are adults.

Mother Earth Rights Campaign aims to create a popular movement to bring global recognition and acceptance of the Rights of Nature. A key step to produce this is to introduce a system of law by which Nature is treated as a fundamental entity, having rights and not as a property that is exploited at will.

Florin is going to donate the money he is going to collect towards the NGOs, ViitorPlus and Pachamama Romania, and with this money, we will plant and take care of the seedlings in the THE FOREST OF THE CHILDREN and we will publish an booklet about the Rights of Nature.

Florin is going to start running on the evening of October 6, the distance Pitesti – Bucharest and then after a short break , he is going to attend this year’s edition of the Bucharest International Marathon. The total distance is 150 km. You can support and you Florin donations to

Rights of Nature and Rio+20 – Seeds for the Future We Really Want

Rights of Nature and Rio+20 – Seeds for the Future We Really Want

A Report from Robin Milam, Global Alliance for Rights of Nature

My intention for Rio+20 was very specific: to make a bold statement for our planet and offer the recognition of Rights of Nature as a viable, positive solution for our Earth Community. Rights of Nature is the recognition that the natural ecosystems that sustain us have the right to exist, to persist, maintain and regenerate their vital cycles. Today we treat nature as property to be bought, sold and consumed, much like we once treated slaves. As advocates for Rights of Nature, we propose it is time to recognize nature and its ecosystems as a subject of the law such that the ecosystems themselves can be named as a defendant of the law.

Rights of Nature offers the foundation for true sustainability that is so missing in the formal UN negotiations. Moreover, it is a viable solution that is gaining traction globally and in over two dozen communities in the United States and was enthusiastically embraced by many participants at the Rio+20 conference.

In the face of what we knew would be a dismal outcome for the formal negotiations, my Global Alliance colleagues and I achieved far more on behalf of Rights of Nature than we had expected. We are encouraged by the breadth of the response we received and by the creatively that has been stirred by the global focus on Rio+20.

Front and center, the Future We Want ─ the formal Rio+20 document ─ actually includes a statement acknowledging that Rights of Nature. We have lobbied for the last year to have Rights of Nature language in the final document and succeeded in that endeavor. Linda Sheehan of Earth Law Center was a galvanizing force for us within the UN.

Article 39. We recognize that the planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home and that Mother Earth is a common expression in a number of countries and regions and we note that some countries recognize the rights of nature in the context of the promotion of sustainable development. We are convinced that in order to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environment needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to promote harmony with nature.

Furthermore, the UN published a beautiful coffee table book for Rio+20 entitled Future Perfect. Rose.pdf The first two chapters in Future Perfect are about Rights of Nature.

Doris, Alexandra, Osprey and Robin with Hercules GoesThe Rights of Mother Earth Signature Campaign has a vision of gathering 1 million signatures in support of Rights of Nature. At this point, over 120,000 individuals from 113 countries and leaders of 186 organizations representing over 600,000 people have signed petitions. Among the distinguished signatories are Vandana Shiva, Desmond Tutu, Joanna Macy, Paul Hawken, Jack Canfield, Nnimmo Bassey, and many others. On June 21, the Rights of Mother Earth campaign delivered a package of signatures to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. Later that day former Brazilian Senator Hercules Goes publicly presented the signature campaign document to President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. Goes also arranged at least half a dozen interviews with UN Radio for the Global Alliance team and for Cormac Cullinan and Natalia Green to present a 30 minute Rights of Nature presentation on UN Television.

Rights of Nature Panel Ri0+20 June 17

Osprey Orielle Lake at Women's Earth and Climate Caucus Rights of Nature was a major theme in at least a dozen side events. The Global Alliance hosted events inside Rio+20 and at the People’s Summit entitled Rights of Nature as a Foundation for Sustainability & Rights of Mother Earth Signing Ceremony. Hosts of other related events represent diverse entities including the Blue Pavilion (water and oceans ), Peoples Sustainability Treaties: Rights of Mother Earth, the government of Ecuador, the Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus, Future Governance beyond Rio, Vandana Shiva et. al.’s Visions of the Living Earth book signing event, Indigenous gatherings at Kari Oca2 and others. During Ecuador’s Rights of Nature and Bien Vivir event Cormac Cullinan publicly acknowledged President Correa and presented the results of our signature campaign,,

A series of books and reports advocating Rights of Nature were also released at the Conference:

  • Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change, a collection of essays published by Global Exchange;
  • Visions of the Living Earth: Future of Governance Post Rio, a collection of essays by Vandana Shiva, Leonardo Buff, and others;
  • Bolivia distributed their Proposal for a Law of Mother Earth ;· Foundation Earth published their The Economic Rethink – Who Does It Well? A report card for assessing what countries are taking “right actions” using Rights of Nature as a key criteria for assessing Rethinking our Economy Future Perfect by the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

While we were a small force, we showed once again that a dedicated team can make a difference. We were very present both at the UN Rio+20 and the People’s Summit Conferences. We put a bold stake in the ground with respect to the Future We REALLY Want.

Our message: Viable solutions do exist! Rights of Nature is the foundation for a sustainable future. With what we accomplished, the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature sees Rio as a successful launch for the next unfolding of Rights of Nature.

Also posted by The Well of Light at

Global Exchange Brings Rights of Nature to the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20)

by Shannon Biggs

In partnership with the Global Alliance, Shannon Biggs and Global Exchange will be a strong voice advocating Rights of Nature at 2012 Earth Summit Rio+20.  The following includes excerpts from Shannon’s blog of 7th June 2012.

Read her complete blog at Global Exchange Brings Rights of Nature to the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20)

So why should we care about the Rio+20 (years) Earth Summit this June?

Earth Rights Now For many activists currently packing their bags for Rio, the goal is to protest the “Green Economy”, the name given to the primary agenda for the Rio + 20 negotiators. What could be wrong with a Green Economy, you may ask? Haven’t environmental activists been promoting such a thing for years?

The Green Economy put forward by the United Nations Environment Program (nicknamed the “Greed Economy” by many) is about promoting the idea that we can only “save” nature by putting a price tag on what nature “does” for us. Proponents call it “ecosystem services” and from forests generating the air you breathe to the decomposition process resulting in the ground you walk upon, everything has its price, and corporations are wringing their hands with anticipation of what the Greed Economy could do for profit margins.

But the human connection to the rest of our living system is not contained in the calculation of the “flow of value to human societies.” Our Earth’s value is not merely that which serves people. You cannot put a dollar value on what is truly lost when island nations like the Maldives succumb to the rising tides of climate change, or when the seas themselves are void of fish—both of which are projected to occur in the next 50-100 years. So how is it possible to put a price on the system that governs all life, or break down an ecosystem into units of “service” and to what end?

Confronting the Greed Economy: The Rights of Nature goes to Rio

Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real ChangeRights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change report being released for Rio+20

Those of us working on the rights-of-nature framework are seeking to reconnect humanity with the rest of species. We seek to change human law that can only “see” nature as a thing — separate and apart from us, property to be owned and destroyed at will. We seek to change the law because our own salvation can only come from a cultural mindset enforced by an earth jurisprudence that we are a part of nature.

Global Exchange and our partners at the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN), a growing network we co-founded, don’t believe putting a price on nature is the path to protecting nature, and in fact is a faster-track to privatizing and commodifying nature. But we’re not showing up just to stand up for what we’re against, but to articulate what we’re for, and to build the movement for Rights for Nature. We’ll be blogging from Rio, convening strategy meetings with new allies, talking with media and unveiling our new report at a special panel and signing ceremony for the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.

Rights of Nature Panel and Formal Signing Ceremony: Sunday June 17, 9:30am RioCentro T3

Rights of Nature Speakers:

·Nnimmo Bassey – Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth, Nigeria

· Shannon Biggs – Global Exchange, USA

· Cormac Cullinan – EnAct International, South Africa

· Tom Goldtooth – Indigenous Environmental Network, USA

· Natalia Greene – Fundación Pachamama, Ecuador

· Osprey Orielle Lake – Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus, USA

· Linda Sheehan – Earth Law Center, USA

· Dr. Vandana Shiva – Navdanya, India

· Pablo Solon – Focus on the Global South, Former Ambassador to the UN, Bolivia

The report directly confronts the notion of the Gree(d)n Economy of course, and is full of examples from around the world. But it is also a call out about what a true rights of nature framework would offer the world—and includes examples and updates of the growth of this movement, and new laws taking hold. And lastly, the report asks: if nature had rights, how different would our organizing look around water, Tar Sands extraction and Indigenous rights? And what would the economy look like? Contributors to the report include Dr. Vandana Shiva, Pablo Solon, Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Mari Margil and many others.

The report, Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change will be available for free download from our website on June 15. Until then, we’ve selected two chapters for free preview and download now:

For more information on Global Exchange’s Community Rights Program and our international work advocating for Rights of Nature, please visit our website.

For a full calendar of Rights of Nature events at the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit, go here.

The Community Rights Program has entered a contest to win $5,000 towards advancing our work around engaging youth in the Rights of Nature movement! Please vote for our project on the Doing Good This Summer website. Voting begins Friday June 8th at 12pm and ends Friday June 29th at 12pm.

Read Shannon’s complete blog at Global Exchange Brings Rights of Nature to the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20)