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WE ARE ALL RELATED: Working together to fight fossil fuels

Pennie Opal Plant, LUSH Blog, May 2016
Author Pennie Opal Plant -Yaqui, Mexican, English, Choctaw, Cherokee and European leader and Ponca elder and tribal councilwoman, Casey Camp Horinek

Author Pennie Opal Plant is of Yaqui, Mexican, English, Choctaw, Cherokee and European ancestry. She’s been an activist for over 30 years on anti-nuclear, environmental and indigenous rights, and has been a lecturer with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Pennie is also a founding member of Idle No More San Francisco Bay, is involved in promoting the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth, and founded Gathering Tribes in 1991.

As I write this, I’ve just returned from seeing my niece’s newborn baby girl. As I gazed into her eyes, I said a silent prayer hoping we can find a way to shift the systems of government and business that have allowed the sacred system of life to become so out of balance that everything is now threatened. I also prayed that when she’s an adult that she’d live in a world that’s healthy, sustainable, vibrantly beautiful…and in balance.

“We are all related.” No doubt you’ve heard this phrase before, especially if you have friends who are Indigenous to North America. It has many meanings to many people, but ultimately it means that all of life on Mother Earth’s belly is related or connected. After more than 500 years of Indigenous People of the Americas sharing this information, it’s finally been proven. It’s past time for the western world to listen to the Indigenous People who are traditional and doing their best to live within the Original Instructions, guidelines given to people at the beginning of time, which dictate how to live in balance with our relations and the intelligent forces of nature. It would be a shame for humans to continue to violate these instructions to such an extent that life, as we know it can no longer be supported.

For the complete article visit: WE ARE ALL RELATED: Working together to fight fossil fuels at LUSH Blog.

Pennie is also co-founder of Movement Rights:
Shifting culture and law to truly protect people is the civil rights struggle of our time and its already happening in communities across the nation. Changing the rules will require more than tinkering at the margins of the current legal, political and corporate-led economic system; it will require a system change from the grassroots. It all begins with neighbors coming together to change their community. Movement Rights provides organizing and legal support for communities to assert their right to local self governance with our partners; leadership and international movement building for the rights of nature; and connects Indigenous leadership, wisdom and analysis toward living in balance with natural systems.  

Assassination of South Africa community leader opposing mining by Australian Company



We are appalled at the brutal assassination of Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe from Mdatya village, the chairperson of the Amadiba Crisis Committee.  We have had the privilege of working with Bazooka and of representing the people who live along the Wild Coast in Amadiba Administrative Area 24 in their attempts to stop the proposed N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway for almost a decade.  Now a brave and principled man, a real character beloved by his community, is dead because he refused to be bullied or bought, and instead stood up for his culture, his community, for their beautiful land, and for what is right.

Our condolences go out to his family, friends and community who have lost a husband, father, friend, and leader.

For many years Bazooka and the communities which he represented have been successfully resisting the proposed mining of the Wild Coast by an Australian mining company (MRC) and Sanral’s project to construct a toll highway through their lands and very close to the proposed mining sites. They have steadfastly resisted all the inducements offered by the proponents of these projects. When it became apparent that the communities could not be bought off, the violence began to escalate. First armed men attacked community members (including the headwoman) with pangas and guns and now this. The obvious question is “Who benefits from this assassination?”

We salute the incredible courage of the Amadiba coastal communities who have responded to this horrifying act by reiterating that they will not be intimidated into submission and that the mining will not go ahead.  We call on everyone who believes in justice and democracy to join us in demanding that the Minister of Police ensures that competent and unbiased investigators be assigned to apprehend the assassins as soon as possible, to uncover who sent them and to bring them to trial.  Anything less is unacceptable in our democracy.

In South Africa, click to read: 82 organisations want Wild Coast mining applications suspended after ‘assassination’

Cape Town – Eighty-two civil society organisations on Wednesday condemned the murder of an anti-mining activist on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape, and called for all mining applications to be suspended.

“We demand that the minister of mineral resources suspends all mining applications until there has been a full and independent investigation of Rhadebe’s murder!” the 82 civil society organisations said in a joint statement.

Amadiba Crisis Committee chairperson Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe was shot multiple times in his upper body, Eastern Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant Khaya Tonjeni told Fin24 on Wednesday.

READ MORE: Wild Coast anti-mining leader murdered

Submitted by Cormac Cullinan  BA (Hons) LLB LLM (Environmental Law)

Director, Cullinan & Associates

African Civil Society Challenge Chatham House UK Mining Conference today

From Gaia Foundation

Nnimmo BasseyAs some of you may know, two members of the Yes to Life, No to Mining global movement – Sheila Berry and Nnimmo Bassey – will be handing in a letter at Chatham House’s Extractive Industries in Africa conference to raise the voices of communities and African Civil Society resisting the further expansion of mining.

Here is the online link to the letter Nnimmo Bassey will hand in at Chatham House’s Extractive Industries in Africa’ conference at 130pm UK time today.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to and supported this powerful letter.

Please feel free to re-post this letter on your own websites, send to your networks and share via social media (suggested tweets repeated below). If you could do that at about 1:30pm UK-time that’d be most effective! If you’re stretched for time, please follow @GaiaFoundation and @_YLNM on Twitter to see the letter hand-in in pictures and retweet them.

Many thanks and in solidarity.

Carine and Hal

Nature is Speaking – with Julia Roberts as Mother Nature

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the films and take action at Music “City Building” by Jóhann Jóhannsson (Google PlayAmazonMP3eMusiciTunes)

Nature Is Speaking – Robert Redford is The Redwood | Conservation International (CI)

Published on Oct 5, 2014

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the films and take action at

Nature Is Speaking – Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest | Conservation International

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the films and take action at

March for Real Climate Leadership – Oakland, CA

March for Real Climate Leadership February 7, 2015
     Click to learn more and SIGN UP NOW!

Join us from around California and across the US!

Many of you participated in the Peoples Climate March in New York either marching yourselves or catching the energy of the movement as friends and colleagues converged on New York!  On February 7th, thousands of Californians are gathering in Governor Jerry Brown’s longtime home of Oakland to say that we need real climate leadership in the face of the drought.

Across California — and beyond — wells are drying up, more than a dozen cities are in real danger of running out of water, and there’s no question it’s being made worse by climate change.

But instead of reigning in the oil and gas industry and putting an end to incredibly dangerous and water-intensive practices like fracking, Governor Brown has been letting companies continue with business as usual. You well know this phenomenon is not unique to California and is playing out across the United States, Canada and the world.

Bay Area Rights of Nature AllianceThe Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance (BARoNA) is an organizing partner.  The Global Alliance is proud to announce our participation with BARONA in the March for Real Climate Leadership in Oakland on February 7th. We are inviting Global Alliance members from across North America to join us on the streets of Oakland and/or cheer us on from a far!

Join us in Oakland, Governor Brown’s hometown, on February 7th to demand that he be a real climate leader by stopping fracking, standing up to Big Oil, and moving beyond fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.


WHAT: The March for Real Climate Leadership: Our Water, Our Health, Our California
WHEN: 11:30 am, February 7, 2015
WHERE: Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland, California

February 7th will be a game-changing moment for the climate movement in California — but only if you’re there! Click to Sign up, and then share this page with your friends.

Why Oakland?

  • Oakland is Governor Brown’s hometown
Why California?
  • When he took office for his 4th and final term, Governor Brown declared he wants California to be an international leader in the fight against climate change .
  • But California can’t be a leader in the fight against climate change while we unabashedly push extreme extraction methods like fracking that worsen climate change and seriously endanger the health of our communities. Governor Brown needs to step up to real leadership stopping dangerous oil and fracking activities.
  • Californians want to hold him accountable for keeping his promises and providing the REAL leadership California, the USA, and the world need NOW!

What should you bring?

  • Blue Clothing
  • Signs
  • Bullhorns
  • Musical Instruments
  • Walking shoes
  • Snacks/Food
  • Water



This November a new global movement will be born as communities across the world unite in their resistance to the extractive industries and together say “Yes to Life, No to Mining”.

This is about standing together and standing up for the Earth community. We invite you to be part of this movement, joining in solidarity and sharing your inspiring stories and messages of resistance. Here’s how you can be a part of it…

Post a photo and tweet #yestolifenotomining or #sialavidanoalamineria

Take a photo of yourself, a friend, your community, or something altogether more imaginative, with a sign featuring your words of action or support. Your message could read Yes to Life, No to Mining or it could be more personal to you and your resistance efforts: No to Coal! Leave the oil in the soil! Frack off. In Solidarity. Here are some examples to inspire creativity…

Email us your photo (to or, better still, upload it directly onto Twitter. Use the hashtags #yestolifenotomining or #sialavidanoalamineria. This means your photo automatically appears on the homepage of the website and is beamed around the world on social media. We want as many people as possible to use the #yestolifenotomining hashtag so we can make a real noise around this radical but critical stance.

Connect with Others

Our short film, In Solidarity, shows how one community resisting a gold mine in Colombia reached out by way of letter to a community resisting fracking in the UK. It reinforced our vision; the power of togetherness. To continue in this spirit, we encourage both the general public and mining affected communities to connect with one another through the website. This is possible in a number of ways:

  • Leave a message of support underneath stories of resistance (start a conversation, give advice or simply leave words of encouragement), or contribute your own story.
  • Dialogue on twitter #yestolifenotomining
  • Contact us directly using the contact form on the website


On the homepage of the website and on numerous other pages across the site you’ll see a bold Pledge function. Here you can sign up your name and email and become part of the Yes to Life, No to Mining movement by pledging your support.
yes to lifeNO TO MINING

Email your photo to
or, upload it directly onto Twitter.

The Yes to Life, No to Mining movement was conceived by a group of individuals, organisations and networks – from Africa, Europe, North and South America – all concerned with the wellbeing of our planet in the face of the exponential growth of mining over the last decade.

We were moved to take action against the increasingly devastating impact of the extractives industries.

The expansion and increasing aggression of mining and the extractive industries threaten the health and integrity of Earth, our only source of life. The plundering of our living planet in the pursuit of profit, and the myths of progress and eternal economic growth, must stop.

We want to encourage communities saying NO to mining to connect across the planet, to collaborate and build their confidence through mutual solidarity, and support one another to stand firm.

We stand for Life on our Planet – because it is increasingly threatened. We stand in Solidarity – with human communities, with all the living beings with whom we share the Earth, and future generations of all species. We stand with You – the millions of people around the world who are standing up to say “Yes to life, No to mining!”, defending ancestral territories, farmlands, pastoral lands, wild lands, sacred lands, water systems, villages and homes.

Yes to Life, No to Mining resolves to:

  • Stand in solidarity with communities who choose to resist mining, however it affects them, and to defend their ancestral rights and responsibilities to future generations of all species.
  • Support indigenous and local communities who choose to maintain and strengthen their traditional knowledge, practices and governance systems, and to secure recognition for their territories, customary laws and ways of governing their lives.
  • Support, encourage and develop initiatives – such as agroecology and reforestation – that protect and enhance living systems as alternatives to mining.
  • Encourage initiatives attempting to move industrial society away from consumption, waste, growth and towards a circular economic system. We support those empowering communities and society at large to reclaim their brains, change their attitudes to ‘stuff’ and create an ecological and meaningful materialism; those designing and creating products to last; those that minimize the use, or encourage the re-use, of minerals and metals; those that implement a zero waste policy; further investment in ecologically and socially just innovations for an end to throwaway consumer culture.
  • Support advocacy strategies and initiatives to withdraw subsidies from the fossil fuel industry and invest in energy justice instead – in the form of reduced and more equitable consumption of energy, produced by small-scale, renewable and decentralised technologies, developed within principles of a circular, zero-waste economic system.
  • Encourage initiatives that (re)establish legal strategies and precedents that build a body of law rooted in the laws of the Earth. These would enforce the recognition of the Rights of Nature, deter Ecocide and allow ecologically and socially just societies to emerge.yes to life NO TO MINING

Share this call as a PDF file YLNM statement for launch_global voice

Read more at YLNM_2pager