The new civil rights movement, away from anthropocentrism and toward a sustainable world…

By Neil Sinclair to Natalia Greene


Management control.
Incarceration of the soul.
Subjugation of a people,
Prisoners working in the fields.
Plantation economy, wealth for the few,
Women in servitude, labor as fuel.

The exploitation of the innocent,
Chain gangs working, impoverishment.
A complex method of segregation,
Education, transportation, mastication, urination,
Exaggeration of differentiation,
Alienation from participation
In determination by the nation.

Nature is the latest victimization
Forests, fauna, fish and fowl,
Destroyed by flames in the rain forest tall,
Replaced by cattle, leaving a smoky pall,
Fisheries depleted, whales butchered,
Harbingers of extinction of us all.

Oil, the long stored energy
Of the sun, increases productivity.
More wealth comes to the colonial nations,
Coal, gas, and nuclear machinations,
Victimizing future generations,
Spending our grandchildren’s inheritance,
Killing the goose that lays the golden egg
Never made any sense.

Now the planet and the future race
Have stepped into enslavement in the present case.

The mentality of exploitation,
Of the many by the few,
The luxury and opulence of
The billiard table and the swimming pool,
Come from what we do to nature,
Peak oil is past, pesticides prevail, and
Everywhere is scientific nomenclature.
Chemistry, physics, biology, math,
But where is justice in the picture?
Justice for the weak and the oppressed,
Justice for the bear and elephant.
Does man really believe he looks like God,
And therefore can rip apart this sod
With nary any consequence,
His role in life sans recompense?
His actions taken without ruth,
His karmic trail devoid of truth?
Such an idyllic picture has no reality ,
The Law of Karma is Supreme.
Our actions do have consequences,
Our future state on them depends.

Our most imbalanced rate of consumption
Will catch us to us in destruction.
The ecosphere is our womb.
We tamper with it to our doom.

Enslavement is a mentality
Of sloth and greed, and irresponsibility.
Applied to humans today for sex,
A world-wide network for concubinal acts,
Applied to labor through a hypnotic lens,
A manipulated people it portends.

Liberation is a natural act,
An energetic fulfillment of a prophetic pact.

Nature will take her course in time.
Heed well this message in metered rhyme,
The queen will retake her usurped throne,
Like fleas on a dog’s back borne,
She’ll shake us off,
Woe be to them who at these words scoff.