Poison Fire: Big Oil’s Impact From Nigeria to Richmond

Prominent Nigerian activist and 2010 Right Livelihood Award winner, Nnimmo Bassey to speak in Berkeley this coming Tuesday and will sign his new book To Cook a Continent.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t miss this!

Let us start with a caveat about the word ‘resource’, which implies that nature’s wealth is a bounty, ready for corporate robbery. But we as humans frame this delimma of extraction incorrectly if we don’t point out the intrinsic right of nature to survive on its own terms.  Most importantly, we are part of Mother Earth, not apart from her.  Her rights to exist and reproduce the conditions for all species’ existence are not to be violated. ~ Nnimmo Bassey

To Cook a Continent by Nnimmo Bassey

Join a conversation with Nnimmo Bassey and Roger Kim of Asian Pacific Environmental Network about Chevron accidents, environmental and human health and our climate. Short film screening about the flaring of gas in Niger Delta villages during oil extraction, as well as the toxic impacts on local health and global health impacts of greenhouse gas emissions in Nigeria and Richmond.

Nnimmo will sign copies of his book “To Cook a Continent.” Discuss Chevron’s major recent explosions, fires and poisoning of the surrounding community Jan-Feb 2012 in the Niger Delta and Aug 6th in Richmond and corporate accountability.

$10-100 sliding scale donation.

Tuesday, September 18 at 6:30pm in UTC at
1924 Cedar St @ Bonita BFUU Fellowship Hall
Berkeley, CA