Declaration from Australia Wild Law

Wild Law

Declaration from Wild Law: Australia’s First Conference on Earth Jurisprudence Oct 16-18, 2009

We the participants of Wild Law, declare that the perceived separation between nature and human beings is a fundamental cause of the current environmental crisis. Our law reflects this in treating nature as property and by restricting rights to human subjects. We assert that law needs to transition from an exclusive focus on human beings and recognise that we exist as part of a broader earth community.

We recognise that the universe is composed of subjects to be communed with, not objects to be used. Each component member of the universe is thus capable of having rights.

We commit to evolving law so that it protects the natural world from destruction and cultivating Wild Laws that are consistent with the philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence.

On 16-18 October 2009, 60 people including scientists, students, lawyers, government workers, activists, educators and other concerned individuals from all over Australia and the world gathered in Woodhouse, Piccadilly, South Australia for ‘Wild Law’, Australia’s first conference on Earth Jurisprudence.

For more information on the First Australia Wild Law Conference visit  Friends of the Earth Adelaide